Marauders Steam Release And Everything We Know

The upcoming release of Team17 looks promising.

After its closed Alpha back in May, Marauders became popular in the gaming world. Even though the game was in the early stage, it offered many things many gameplay features. 

Last week, between 20-25th of July, the developers released the closed Beta to people who pre-ordered the game. And now, after seeing the Alpha and Beta stages of the game, we can be sure that Small Impact Games is making a remarkable game with solid ground. So, here is all we know:

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Marauders Steam Release And Everything We Know 3

What Is Marauders?

Marauders is a Sci-Fi looter-shooter in a dystopic world where the Great War did not end. The game was developed by Small Impact Games and published by Team17. Team17 is the same publisher behind Overcooked 2(A masterpiece game that made tomato cutting enjoyable) and Neon Abyss(An addictive platformer with crazy weapons). People behind this title have many experiences from all around gaming. You can add the game to your wishlist on Steam. 

A Summary of Gameplay

The game is about pirating and surviving in space. At the start, each player will fly a small ship to an asteroid mine to loot. After reaching one of the entrances, you(and your teammates) need to find salvage for missions, wealth, or fun. You will be armed with weapons to reduce the competition. Surviving and looting aren’t enough. You will have to find your way back(and you don’t have a map, of course) to your ship.

The second part is upgrading. After collecting your goods and completing missions, you can upgrade your weapons and ship. You might have the sharpest ear or highest resolution. But without a good starting point, your chance of survival is low.

Maraduers 2
Marauders Steam Release And Everything We Know 4

When Will The Early Access Be Released?

Actually, Marauders deserves a review of its own. There are many things we haven’t mentioned. But considering it’s a developing title, a review can get outdated after one or two weeks. For now, we only know that developers are planning to release the Early Access current year. The game may come out in December. It is the holiday season after all.

If you are one of those players who can’t miss a game like this, you can pre-order the game on the official website. You can buy the game with a %10 discount and get a Space Pirate Pack at the Early Access launch. What are your thoughts about this upcoming release? For more gaming news, follow our website.

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