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Japanese role-playing games can be quite challenging and fun to play. Thus, today we are going to share one of the new JRPG games with you. It is called Monark, and it was developed by Furyu Corporation. The game was released just a few days ago, on February 22, 2022

Monark offers a turn-based strategy experience to anime viewers. You are going to enjoy the new combat mechanics that provide a unique structure to any JRPG game that you have ever played. Moreover, players will find plenty of puzzles, a disjointed story, and repetitive level designs. However, you do not have to worry since each level will be much more interesting and challenging than before. 

The story of Monark takes place at Shin Mikado Academy. Unfortunately, no one can leave this academy once they visit it. In this game, you will play as a Pactbearer. A Pactbearer is a person who makes a deal with Monark, who is a demon and slowly drives people mad. 

Besides you, there will be other Pactbearers in the game, and each character has a unique personality. Players will have to choose a friend at the beginning of the game, which can seriously affect their future playstyle. Moreover, players will also take a psychology test at the beginning of the game to shape their ego. 

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You will be choosing between seven deadly sins and relevant party members to create your team. Moreover, you will also have a unique skill tree to develop. In this skill tree, you can customize your playstyle by focusing on mechanics such as healing, attacking, status effects, and so on. 

Throughout the game, players will take more tests so that they can boost their egos. In this regard, you can either provide answers depending on your personal traits or just role-play and create a unique character. 

However, some players note that providing real answers in the tests allows you to make the game feel unique to you. This is totally up to you and your preferences. Although the storyline will be the same, your responses and reactions will differ. 

We can easily say that Monark introduces plenty of new and interesting ideas to tactical JRPGs. The madness mechanic in the game makes the fights quite intense and interesting as well. However, we can say that the lack of interaction between the characters may be a setback, especially in the JRPG genre. 

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