Monopoly GO Road to Riches Guide – All Rewards and Milestones

Monopoly GO has introduced an engaging event called "Road to Riches." This event offers players a chance to earn exciting rewards and milestones as they progress in the game. Let's explore these rewards, how to earn more points, and the gameplay mechanics of the Road to Riches.

Monopoly GO has recently launched an exciting event, the Road to Riches, offering players an exceptional opportunity to boost their in-game fortunes. This thrilling three-day event is a golden chance for mobile game players to accumulate points and achieve various milestones. Successful completion of these milestones yields lucrative in-game rewards, including CashGardening Partner Tokens, and a many Dice rolls

As it presents a rare opportunity to significantly enhance your net worth in a remarkably short period, understanding this event is crucial. So, join us and take a look at our comprehensive guide of rewards available in the Monopoly GO Road to Riches event.

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Monopoly GO Road to Riches Rewards and Milestones

Monopoly GO Road to Riches is a progressive system where players earn various rewards as they reach specific milestones. These rewards include in-game currency, property upgrades, exclusive tokens, and power-ups that enhance gameplay. 

As you accumulate points by completing game objectives and winning matches, you can unlock the following rewards, each offering a significant boost to their Monopoly empire. Here are all the Monopoly GO Road to Riches rewards and milestones:

MilestonesPoints RequiredRewards
1570 Flower Tokens
2520 Free Dice Rolls
35One-Star Sticker Pack
41080 Flower Tokens
545120 Free Dice Rolls
65120 Flower Tokens
710Cash Grab for 10 Minutes
815One-Star Sticker Pack
910150 Flower Tokens
10120250 Free Dice Rolls
1115Cash Prize
1220One-Star Sticker Pack
1320180 Flower Tokens
1425Cash Prize
15200375 Free Dice Rolls
1640Cash Boost for Five Minutes
1730Two-Star Sticker Pack
1835Cash Prize
1940210 Flower Tokens
20400700 Free Dice Rolls
2145High Roller for 10 Minutes
2250230 Flower Tokens
2350Cash Prize
2455Three-Star Sticker Pack
257501200 Free Dice Rolls
2655Cash Prize
2760Four-Star Sticker Pack
2865250 Flower Tokens
2970100 Free Dice Rolls
30600Cash Prize
31150270 Flower Tokens
32175Cash Prize
33200Four-Star Sticker Pack
34225300 Flower Tokens
3513001,800 Free Dice Rolls
36300Rent Frenzy for 20 Minutes
37350Cash Prize
38400350 Flower Tokens
39500Five-Star Sticker Pack
402,2003,000 Free Dice Rolls
41550High Roller for 20 Minutes
42600500 Flower Tokens
43650Cash Prize
44700800 Free Dice Rolls
451,700Cash Prize
46750900 Free Dice Rolls
47800Five-Star Sticker Pack
48850650 Flower Tokens
494,0006,500 Free Dice Rolls
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Monopoly GO Road to Riches Guide - All Rewards and Milestones 6

How to Earn More Points For Road to Riches in Monopoly GO?

Monopoly GO‘s latest Road to Riches event presents diverse avenues for earning points, pivotal for unlocking a host of in-game benefits. This event, primarily focused on Tax and Utility, offers an optimal strategy for players to amass points by targeting these specific tiles during gameplay. An effective approach involves amplifying your Dice multiplier before landing on Tax and Utility spaces, significantly boosting your point gain.

Additionally, the event aligns with the daily Tournaments and the newly introduced Gardening Partner event, offering players multiple opportunities to gather points. Utilizing these events in conjunction with one another is a strategic way to exponentially increase your points tally. This coordinated approach not only enhances your gameplay experience but also ensures a steady influx of free Dice Rolls.

Regular engagement with the game, especially focusing on landing on Railroad, Bank Heist, or Shutdown tiles, also contributes to your point score for the event. Active participation and strategic planning are key to leveraging these opportunities. You should aim to maximize your engagement with these tiles to optimize your point earnings.

You can also get points by:

  • Successfully completing trades and building houses/hotels.
  • Winning games against opponents.
  • Participating in special events and daily challenges.
  • Utilizing power-ups effectively to gain an edge in games.
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How to Play Monopoly GO Road to Riches?

Monopoly GO‘s thrilling ‘Road to Riches‘ event is prominently displayed as a banner at the center-top of the screen each time you launch the game. It’s crucial to remember that this event is time-limited, necessitating quick and strategic participation to reap its benefits.

To excel in the Monopoly GO Road to Riches event, players should strategically aim to land on specific tiles such as Income Tax, Super Tax, Electric Company, or Water Works. Notably, the tax tiles offer a reward of +3 red apartments – the event’s point symbol, while the utility tiles provide +2. To amplify your rewards, ensure you land on these tiles with higher dice multipliers, effectively boosting your earnings.

It’s important for players to note that the points do not accumulate across milestones; they reset after each milestone is reached. However, for the seasoned Monopoly GO enthusiast, frequently landing on these pivotal tiles should be a familiar feat, making the reset less impactful. This aspect of the event strategy might require some adjustment, but it ensures that each milestone offers a fresh start and a new challenge.

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When Does Monopoly GO Road to Riches End?

The Monopoly GO Road to Riches event, an engaging addition to the game, is scheduled to conclude on January 11, 2024. The event’s end times are set for 7 am PT / 10 am ET / 3 pm GMT, marking the final moments for players to participate and earn rewards.

Spanning a total of three days, this event stands out as one of the lengthier special events in recent Monopoly GO history. Its duration offers ample opportunity for players to engage deeply with the event’s mechanics and maximize their earnings. The Road to Riches event comes on the heels of the Monopoly Origins event, which concluded earlier on January 8, 2024.

This extended event period allows both seasoned and new players to explore and enjoy the unique features of the Road to Riches event, making it a must-play experience in the world of Monopoly GO. Remember, the closing date is fast approaching, so make the most of this opportunity while it lasts!

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