MONSTERGEDDON 42: Monsters of the Eternal World War Preview

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, no! It’s monsters leaping from a cliff that will send you to your doom!

We know it was unexpected, but the game trailer we watched was super cool.

An earworm of a theme by Will Dodson starts us off with a chaotic scene of monsters on a battlefield (Monsterfield™).
Every moment is “What’s going on?!” Then another monster-soldier brigade appears with their specialized, WWII-era blasters.

MONSTERGEDDON 42: Monsters of the Eternal World War™ is a title one cannot truly describe, but we shall try our best. The absurdity and disorder make this look like fun — crazy fun. So, what is MONSTERGEDDON 42: Monsters of the Eternal World War? It’s a bit of a mouthful, but that IS cool.

MONSTERGEDDON 42: MEWW (yeah, maybe not the best abbreviation, but the developer assures you can just say MG42) is a WWII, apocalyptic, multiplayer, monster FPS with “remixed” gunplay and a “respectable level of absurd novelty”. This monstrosity is developed by GEDDON, LLC. By the name, we can only assume they are up for the job.

The developer has shared some information about the game, and from what we see in the trailer and website, here is all we know:

MG42Soldier 1
MONSTERGEDDON 42: Monsters of the Eternal World War Preview 5

The main gameplay will consist of 1-14 players (monsters and/or “stupidly-human bots”), which may not sound a lot, but in the trailer the action is intense. There will be 13 monster classes, or “highly-diverse monster soldiers”as described. And how are we to vanquish these monsters? The answer lies in the description of the game. 

There will be almost 30 weapons with laser-like projectiles. Well, they are not lasers, per se, but your fire is tracible so think twice before shooting, and with glowing eyes, careful where you look too.

After viewing the trailer and reading the features, the game seems to provide a well-crafted balance between order and entropy. MG42 offers a variety of mechanics like gliding, spinning, dodging, leaning, and even rotating your head whilst sprinting to scan the “Monsterfield™”. Despite the unnatural theme, the game will have relatively-realistic firing action (hitscan but from the barrel with weapons networked separately). You will experience the madness in four game modes: Team Deathmatch (Hardcore), Deathmatch (Hardcore), Chaos (Hardcore), and Team Chaos (also, Hardcore). Hardcore variants are OLTL (one life to live) with no HUD.


Overall, we feel excited about MONSTERGEDDON 42. There are many multiplayer FPS WWII-like games hanging around, but the unseriousness and wild design with a focus on controls and gunplay is something we cannot find.

It’s fun for the whole multiverse,” as stated on the official website. We can say they are on the right track.

The state of the game is largely complete, with optimizations, bugs, and maps currently in the works. The “render pipeline” just got a big update, so the news has been trickling in, but expect upgraded graphics and performance while you wait. Up to this point, you may have recognized that we quoted the developer several times because they are so unique, that we couldn’t find a better route than to take their word for it

MONSTERGEDDON 42: Monsters of the Eternal World War Preview 6

MONSTERGEDDON 42 will be released on several platforms after the developers set everything up. The game is not yet released, but you can add it to your “Wishlist” on Steam and VoxPop Games right now and follow MONSTERGEDDON42 on Twitter.

MONSTERGEDDON 42: Monsters of the Eternal World War Preview 7

We also want to mention their store. You can always find good stuff like mugs, t-shirts, socks, and stickers. By purchasing some of this cool swag, you support the developer to help bring you the best otherwordly, WWII-ish experience.

So, from what you see, what are your thoughts and feelings?

Does a WWII-themed monster FPS sound cool to you as well?

Let us know in the comments. Fake War, Make Love™”!

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