Norco’s Console Release Has Been Delayed Indefinitely

Raw Fury has delayed the award-winning game Norco's release indefinitely. The game was planned to be released on October 20 for consoles. Here is everything you should know about the game and its console release.

Norco is a point-and-click adventure indie game released in 2022 for Windows and macOS. Norco’s story takes place in an alternate version of the town of Louisiana. The game was scheduled to be released on consoles on October 20. But it seems things have not gone as planned for Raw Fury and the Geography of Robots. Here is what we compiled about it.

Norco Lawod
Norco's Console Release Has Been Delayed Indefinitely 2

Norco in a Nutshell

The game is based on a real-life town in Louisiana. The story centers around the protagonist’s quest to find his missing brother. In the process, she must face a variety of puzzles, death cults, and other obstacles. As her search progresses, the mystery grows more profound, with higher stakes.

Norco is an extraordinary game, using its genre to say something meaningful. It is a point-and-click mystery game set in the Deep South. The game is a beautiful portrait of a town sinking under exploitation and alienation, making it one of the year’s most popular games.

The game tells the story of a wayward woman named Kay, who returns to her childhood home after her mother’s death. She’s been away for five years, but now she’s back in her hometown again. Kay gets her mother’s strange business, which is mainly about a piece of research that people want and weird things that happened in the days before she died.

You can learn more about Norco in our review article.

Norco PS4 and PS5 Release Has Been Delayed

The PC version of Norco has been live on Steam and since March 2022. As we mentioned at the beginning of the post, publisher Raw Fury was planning to release Norco for PS4 and PS5. But according to the announcement, things have not gone as Raw Fury wanted, and they have had to delay the release of Norco indefinitely.

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