Oxide Room 104 Review

We all know that most indie games are associated with action and adventure titles. But most reviews say that the game has helped the horror genre grow in the world of independent games. Keep reading our review for further details about this fantastic piece of the indie game genre.

Oxide Room 104 is an indie horror game that offers some exciting twists and features that aren’t typical of other horror games. Among its highlights are the gruesome motel bathroom and the deranged doctor chopping off limbs.

Not the Best Narrative, But Still Promising

This tiny and cute modern-day escape-the-room and survival game has body horror elements. Players must collect keys and MacGuffins to get out of the room. There’s a twist, though. In an early room, the player is poisoned, and they must find the antidote to survive. This will require careful looking around and sometimes the use of a map. Players should also have high detection skills to proceed through the game without problems. 

Indie games like Oxide Room 104 may look simple to you in the beginning, but they are not. It is an enjoyable game with some great puzzles and creepy creatures. It’s not great at delivering its story, though, and it’s often delivered through notes instead of a narrator. 

For those looking for other words to describe the game’s title, escape-the-room could be the correct one. This subgenre is the perfect one to tell the story of the game’s traps, puzzles, and story, where you’re trapped in a hotel room. 

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Lack of Unique Gameplay

You will be chased by a creepy monstrosity. Players have to use their skills to overcome difficulties during the game. You may think you don’t have to upgrade your gaming equipment just because you’re only playing a small-sized indie game. However, to get the best psychological horror experience from the game, we suggest using your dual-sense controllers and headphones to get the maximum potential.

The game will definitely give you those vibes when you play it. However, it will not be the monsters that kill you. It will actually be the repetitive story and action in the game. The gameplay loop becomes so repetitive and boring at some point.

Stay Alive to Not Hate it

There’s a really annoying thing about Oxide Room 104. You may think it’s really weird to talk about the survival elements of a survival horror game. However, it’s a little much in Oxide Room 104. When you die in Oxide Room 104, you start over on your current progress from a very early point.

Those who really like such challenges may enjoy such gameplay. However, it’s a nightmare for most players who are not good at remembering the perfect time to save their current progress in the game when they have the chance.

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Not So Much Promising for an Expensive Game of $25

Oxide Room 104 does not have a long story. It won’t take too much of your time to finish it. Besides, the game is criticized for its weak story and, as we said before, its repetitive gameplay. We’re not saying that the game is a total mess. However, considering the price of the game, the game does not deserve better than this.

The only thing we can say about the game’s price is that you can purchase a load of excellent games for the price of $25 instead of buying Oxide Room 104 on Steam.

Funny Voice-Acting

One of the most criticized elements of the game is the English VA. The dialogues seem a little bit ridiculous, and the English voice-acting could not be more unpleasant. A survival horror game needs the best dialogues and voice acting jobs in order to represent the horror in its story the best. However, many players think that the game’s dialogues and VA are nothing more than a slipshod job.

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