Panda Global Controller Kickstarter

An infinitely customizable controller for Nintendo Switch, GameCube, PC, Wii, WiiU.

These days, the Panda Global Controller topic is one of the most popular Kickstarter projects on the platform. The threat attracted the attention of more than 10,000 players who would like to enjoy an ergonomic controller that they can use together with their GameCube, Nintendo Switch, PC, Wii, and WiiU

It attracts attention with the customization options and additional buttons that offer competitive play. Considering the age of the current controller designs, these controllers are a game-changing product. Many players who are playing their games with a controller have already backed the project, and it managed to receive more than $1 Million in funds. If you would like to learn more about them, keep reading! 

What Is a Panda Global Controller? 

Panda Global Controller is planning to end the ergonomics problems of the old controllers and will be available with plenty of customization options. These controllers are designed for the GameCube, Nintendo Switch, PC, Wii, and WiiU and have appealing core features. Some of these include a panda stick box, additional buttons, and custom length triggers. 

Additionally, the controllers also include smooth buttons and a re-designed tactile d-pad. You can also customize the color of your controllers for any color you like. If requested, you can also customize the shape of your controller with Pro Shell. You can also turn your controller into a wireless controller with an addition. 

What Are Advanced Features of Panda Global Controllers? 

The controllers include a gyroscope and accelerometer for full-motion controllers to be able to offer an enhanced gaming experience. In addition to this, players will be able to remove all the buttons on the controllers. You will also be provided with covers. So that the holes will not bother you at all while you are playing games. 

Some of the other features include D-pad and Rumble switches. From now on, you will not have to worry about accidentally hitting buttons while you are enjoying your game and lose it! In general, most people complain about their gates wearing out in time. Panda Global Controllers offer a great solution to this problem with removable gates. 

What Is the Timeline of Panda Global Controllers? 

According to the information provided on the project page on Kickstarter, project owners will complete the final design, hardware development, as well as electronics certification between January and February in 2022. The controllers will be prepared for mass manufacturing between March and May. The mass manufacturing will start between June and August. 

Project owners plan to complete quality testing in September and pack the ordered controllers in October for delivery. In December 2022, Panda Global Controllers will be available all around the world in Fulfillment Centers

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