Payday 3 Release Date Announced and Secret Stealth Trailer Revealed

It has been a long time since Payday 2 was released, but the series is back with another bank heist shooter. Payday 3, the new installment of the series, has been in development for some time now, and it looks like it will finally launch this year.

It’s been a few years since Overkill Software last released a Payday title, but the series has never been bigger than it is now. The initial game, Payday, was a hit, and the second one, Payday 2, built on it with more replayability, and many players are now waiting for the third installment of the series, Payday 3, eagerly.

Payday 3 will launch on September 21 this year for PC via Steam and Epic Games, PlayStation 5, and the Xbox Series X|S. It will be available as a standalone title or as part of the Season Pass. The season pass will include the first six months of DLC, which includes two heists, two tailor packs, and two weapon packs.

Fans can get a sneak peek of what the original four will be up to in the game’s trailer. The video showcases them robbing a branch of Secure Capital Bank in New York City, suggesting that the original crew is back together and ready to cause some chaos.

The new trailer doesn’t reveal much about the actual gameplay, but it does hint at a revamped skill tree and a possible perk system. Speaking of a gameplay trailer, a secret Payday 3 trailer has been revealed in a super cool and unique way, and we have noticed it thanks to PC Gamer

Secret Payday 3 Stealth Trailer

Five days ago, Payday 3 released a video that demonstrated its stealth mechanics. However, they decided to take it a step further by hiding it. To reveal the stealth trailer, you can visit the Payday 3 website and watch the gameplay trailer with the volume turned down. After a few moments, the stealth trailer fades in and replaces the original. While this is a clever idea, it may require some effort to execute properly. 

Alternatively, you can watch the video using an incognito Chrome browser, which will automatically display the stealth trailer. The development team did such an excellent job of hiding the trailer that it took four days before they had to prompt players to find it. They did this through a poem, but it is best not to dwell on the quality of the poem.

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