Peeb Adventures – A Comedic Escape Advanture

Peeb adventures is a third-person escape game that developed in retro style. You, as Peeb, will solve puzzles and try to escape from somewhere you banished. It is one of the successful indie games recently published. Let’s get closer to the game with this article, where you can find short reviews and download links.

Peeb Adventures Trailer

Peeb Adventures is a demo game, as you can see in the title of the video. We don’t know yet if the game will be published as a full game or not. But it is quite an entertaining game, though. You can watch the trailer below, which gives you a lot about how the game is.

Peeb Adventures Game in a Nutshell

Peeb Adventures is a third-person escape game. The game is designed in retro style and has quite good maps, especially the castle. A map with a castle as if it was made in Minecraft. In this game, many puzzles to solve and obstacles to overcome will be awaiting our little friends, Peeb. And only you have got a grabbing hook. Let’s find out whether you achieve to escape or not.

Peeb Adventures Soundtracks

Cut scenes, dialogues, places, and soundtracks achieve to remind me of good old games. Especially the Peeb Adventures soundtracks are quite entertaining and keep you in the game. You can find and buy all songs used in the game from Bandcamp. Here is the list of the songs used in the game.

  • Kirkas – Title Theme
  • Outside the Castle Walls
  • Kingdom Come
  • Yuki 
  • Ghoulish Green World
  • Kirkas – Usurper’s Theme 
  • ENT_01
  • Johnny – Hidden Zone #1 
  • Johnny – Hidden Zone #2 
  • Johnny – Little Baby Idiot Puzzle
Peeb Adventures – A Comedic Escape Advanture 2

How To Play Peeb Adventures?

It is possible to play the game with an Xbox controller besides a keyboard and mouse. You can find the controller keys below both keyboard+mouse and Xbox controller.

Keyboard and Mouse

  • Left Mouse to use grabbling hook
  • E to interact with something
  • WASD to move Peeb around
  • Mouse to look around
  • Spacebar to jumping

Xbox Controller

  • Left Trigger to use grabbling hook
  • X to interact with something
  • Left Analog to move Peeb around
  • Right Analog to look around
  • A to jumping

Peeb Adventures Download

Peeb Adventures is now available for Windows PC, macOS, and Linux. You can download the game for free from itch.IO. Don’t forget to support the developers by paying $5 or higher to find more entertaining games like that.

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