Pet Simulator X Codes

Pet Simulator X Codes will provide you necessary amount of coins and diamonds to get eggs that hatch into various adorable and sometimes dangerous pets. You can find the most up-to-date Pet Simulator X Codes on Lawod.

Pet Simulator X is a Roblox game that was launched on July 26th, 2021, with the trailer below. The game was created by the BIG Games Simulators group made by BuildIntoGames.


How To Redeem Pet Simulator X Codes?

It is quite easy to redeem Pet Simulator X Codes. It is also possible to get the codes below as soon as the game begins. To redeem codes, follow the following steps:

1. Launch the game,
2. Click the Pets button,
3. Click the Exclusive Shop,
4. Scroll to the end to see Redeem Twitter Codes menu section,
5. Click the Redeem button and redeem the codes you want.

Pet Simulator X Trailer

Updated Pet Simulator X Codes

With the Pet Simulator Codes, you will be able to get the necessary amount of coins, diamonds, and lucky boosts to catch eggs that hatch into various pets.

  • triple800 – triple coin boost
  • VoiceChat – two triple coin boosts
  • easyboosts – triple coin boost

Expired Pet Simulator X Codes

Following codes are expired so, they won’t work when you try to redeem the following codes.

  • To Reeem Triple Coin Boost
    • anothertriple
    • TripleCoins999
    • big1234
    • blamedavid
    • Triple275k
    • MoreCoins180k
    • EzDiamonds150k
    • Easy125k
    • Triple80k
    • plaid1234
    • FirstUpdate
  • To Redeem Diamonds
    • Back2Back
    • FreeDiamonds0
    • Underworld
    • halfamillion – for 10,000 diamonds
    • Super25k – for 5K diamonds
  • To Redeem Ultra Lucky Boost
    • morecodes3
    • SuperUltra1
    • Ultra225k
    • Lucky50k
  • To Redeem Rewards
    • Clouds – Redeem for a reward

To find more codes you are looking for, you can check Game Codes on Lawod.

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