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Pizza Tower OST is one of the most amazing soundtracks ever released for a video game. The music was composed by Ronan “Mr. Sauceman” de Castel and ClascyJitto, and the song list is full of great tracks that are sure to get players into the game.

Pizza Tower soundtrack is a must-have in any fan’s library. It’s one of the best 2D platformer soundtracks in years, combining elements from Wario Land and Sonic with an art style like an alternate-timeline Nickelodeon cartoon, all baked into the recipe for one of the most exciting debuts by Pizza Tower yet. While the music in Pizza Tower sounds incredibly impressive, some players might be struggling to find a way to listen to it.

The first track on the OST was a mock-up that de Castel made for McPig and his team, and it won him a spot on the development team. Along with his co-composer ClascyJitto and main menu theme creator Post Elvis, he is responsible for the majority of the game’s soundtrack. While most of the OST is unlooped and has no transitions, it does include some pig sounds in some songs. This is a shame because it means that many people are not able to listen to the entire soundtrack, but luckily, there is a way around this problem.

Where to Download Pizza Tower OST?

Several of the songs on the Pizza Tower soundtrack have been updated and added to new versions of the game over time. This includes a few unused songs that were never used in the game and some other additions and fixes to existing tracks.

There are also some unused tracks that were originally meant to be used in levels but got removed because the composers didn’t like them. These include a faster-paced version of Freefallin’, a track from the Circus level meant to be played in a different room, and a reworked version of Pizza Pie-ing used in a level called Kid’s Party that wasn’t planned to be made for the game.

You can either visit Bandcamp or this page to listen to and purchase Pizza Tower OST Album.

Pizza Tower OST Lawod ss 1
Pizza Tower OST 2

Pizza Tower Complete Tracklist

  1. Mr. Sauceman – Time for a Smackdown
  2. Post Elvis – Pizza Deluxe
  3. ClascyJitto – Funiculi Holiday
  4. Mr. Sauceman – Mondays
  5. Mr. Sauceman – Unearthly Blues
  6. Mr. Sauceman – It’s Pizza Time!
  7. Mr. Sauceman – Hot Spaghetti
  8. Mr. Sauceman – Cold Spaghetti
  9. Mr. Sauceman – Meatophobia
  10. Mr. Sauceman – Theatrical Shenanigans
  11. ClascyJitto – Put on a Show!
  12. Mr. Sauceman – the Death That I Deservioli
  13. ClascyJitto – Dungeon Freakshow
  14. ClascyJitto – Secret Hoppin’ (Tower Mix)
  15. ClascyJitto – Leaning Dream
  16. Mr. Sauceman – Pepperman Strikes!
  17. Mr. Sauceman – Tuesdays
  18. ClascyJitto – Oregano Mirage
  19. ClascyJitto – Oregano UFO
  20. Mr. Sauceman – Tombstone Arizona
  21. ClascyJitto – Mort’s Farm
  22. ClascyJitto – What’s on the Kid’s Menu?
  23. ClascyJitto – Yeehaw Delivery boy
  24. ClascyJitto – Secret Hoppin’ (Outdoors)
  25. Mr. Sauceman – Calzonification
  26. ClascyJitto – Wednesdays
  27. Mr. Sauceman – Tropical Crust
  28. ClascyJitto – MMM Yes Put the Tree on My Pizza
  29. ClascyJitto – Gustavo
  30. ClascyJitto – Wudpecker
  31. ClascyJitto – Good Eatin’
  32. Mr. Sauceman – Extraterrestrial Wahwahs
  33. ClascyJitto – Secret Hoppin’ (Vacation Mix)
  34. Mr. Sauceman – Pumpin’ Hot Stuff
  35. Mr. Sauceman – Ooooh La Belle Noisette!
  36. ClascyJitto – Thursdays
  37. Mr. Sauceman – Bite the Crust
  38. Mr. Sauceman – Way of the Pig
  39. ClascyJitto – Don’t Preheat Your Oven Because If You Do the Song Won’t Play
  40. ClascyJitto – Celcius Troubles
  41. Mr. Sauceman – on the Rocks
  42. Mr. Sauceman – Pizza Engineer
  43. Mr. Sauceman – Peppino’s Sauce Machine
  44. Mr. Sauceman – Tubular Trash Zone
  45. ClascyJitto – Secret Hoppin’ (Factory Mix)
  46. ClascyJitto – Pizza Time Never Ends
  47. Mr. Sauceman – Okay Campers, Rise and Shine!
  48. Mr. Sauceman – Fridays
  49. Mr. Sauceman – There’s a Bone in My Spaghetti!
  50. Mr. Sauceman – Tunnely Shimbers
  51. Mr. Sauceman – Hard Drive to Munch You
  52. Mr. Sauceman – Thousand March
  53. ClascyJitto – Secret Hoppin’ (Traumatized Mix)
  54. Mr. Sauceman – Unexpectancy (Part 1 of 3)
  55. Mr. Sauceman – Unexpectancy (Part 2 of 3)
  56. Mr. Sauceman – Unexpectancy (Part 3 of 3)
  57. Mr. Sauceman – Bye Bye There!
  58. ClascyJitto – Pizza Pie-Ing
  59. Mr. Sauceman – Receding Hairline Celebration Party
  60. Mr. Sauceman – Hip to Be Italian
  61. Mr. Sauceman – Choosing the Toppings
  62. Mr. Sauceman – the Noise
  63. Mr. Sauceman – for a Few Toppings More
  64. Mr. Sauceman – Move It, Boy
  65. ClascyJitto – Overcooked Meat Lover
  66. Mr. Sauceman – the Noise’s Jam-Packed Radical Anthem
  67. ClascyJitto – Tarragon Pizza
  68. ClascyJitto – Leaning Nightmare
  69. ClascyJitto – Spooky Apartment Escape
  70. ClascyJitto – Teeth Dust in the Strongcold
  71. Mr. Sauceman – Ground Bound
  72. Mr. Sauceman – Pizza Mayhem
  73. Mr. Sauceman – Pizza Mayhem (Instrumental)

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