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Burger and Frights is an indie horror game inspired by games like Rides with Strangers and a certain horror movie by John Carpenter. You were desiring burgers a late night in this short horror game. Let’s see what is waiting for you on the way to your home?


Burger And Frights Game Overview

Burger and Frights is a short indie horror game developed by Donitz. The game was initially released on August 23rd on

In the story of this game, you want to eat burgers. Therefore, you are getting burgers from the burger restaurant and start to ride your bike to the home in the middle of a horrifying late night.

It takes nearly 25 minutes to play through. You’ll ride your bike to your home, and very surprising, scary, horror things are awaiting you on the way to your home.


  • WASD – Ride Bike
  • Mouse – Look
  • LMB – Ring Bell
  • ESC – Exit

Burger And Frights Game Online

It is possible to play Burger & Frights online. So, you don’t need to download the game on your PC. Below, you can play the game without needing a download.

Burger And Frights Free Download

Burger and Frights is a free-to-play indie game that is available on But, unfortunately, it is not the kind of a game that you can download. It only runs on your browser. So, you can play the game only on your browser like above.

To see more games from him and for his effort in the development process of this game, don’t forget to support the developer Donitz. You can discover more games by following Lawod’s social media accounts, allowing browser notifications, and adding Lawod’s Google Chrome Extension to your browser.

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