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Now you can rush B whenever you want!

What if we told you that you could enjoy CS: GO on your mobile devices? You would like it, right? Alpha Ace, which is on early access right now, offers you this opportunity on your Android devices. From now on, you will not need a PC to enjoy 5v5 FPS games like CS: GO.

Alpha Ace is being developed by Skang Studio, and it is a new action FPS game that almost has similar mechanics to CS: GOCombat Master Mobile, and Modern Combat 5. The game also has different modes that you can play, and all of them have the same objective: destroy your opponents before they do.

Alpha Ace Gameplay

Alpha Ace has a similar concept to all FPS team games. You need to eliminate as many enemies as you can and collect points. Depending on the game mode you are going to play, there may be additional objectives that you can complete and earn extra points. 

The best part about Alpha Ace is that it offers a wide range of weapon options to players. This offers great versatility depending on your playing style. From snipers to automatic rifles, from handguns to knives, you are going to find all kinds of weapons you would like to equip. 

Of course, Alpha Ace is inspired by CS: GO and offers game modes such as Titans ArcadeRocket GameCostume PartyDemolition Crash, and much more.

In modes such as EndgamePoint GrabTeam Clash, and Demolition Crash, players will play in teams, and one team will try to plant a bomb. As you can guess, the other team will try to diffuse the bomb before it explodes. On the other hand, there are other game modes where players must play mini-games, such as hide and seek.

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Play CS: GO on Mobile – Alpha Ace 2

You can also find different power-ups that provide you with additional bonuses or play on maps with zero to low gravity. Although Alpha Ace was not developed by the same team that developed CS: GO, we believe that it can meet the CS: GO needs on mobile devices.

If you really love CS: GO and if you are looking for a mobile game to enjoy a similar experience, we can recommend Alpha Ace to you. We highly encourage you to try modes that include team combats. Moreover, you can also find plenty of customization options, from outfits to weapon skins, to fully customize your character in the game.

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