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Madness Project Nexus is a third-person, fast-paced, Run n’ Gun shooter indie game, which is preparing release on Steam on September 29 with its full version game. Before you purchase the game, we offer you an opportunity to play the demo version of the Madness Project Nexus online in this article.


Madness Project Nexus Download

Developed by Gibbing Tree, Madness Project Nexus‘ adventure began as an indie game on Newground. When the game managed to attract attention, a Kickstarter campaign was launched in 2015 for the full version of the game. And finally, the long wait is over. You will be able to purchase Madness Project Nexus on Steam after September 29th.

We already published an article about Madness Project Nexus, including an overview, system requirements, and that kind of stuff before. If you want to get more information about the game, you can check it out.

Madness Project Nexus Online

Before you buy the full version of the game, you might see what kind of game this is. Below, you can play the previous version of the game.

  • Controls
    • Move: WASD
    • Attack: left mouse button
    • Interact: space bar

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