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The last couple of years have been flourishing in gaming. Many indie titles were released. We have reviewed several on our website and on our Youtube channel. Today, we will be reviewing another one. Project Genesis is a promising title with some flaws. When I first played the game, I wasn’t very interested. It was just another Indie release, after all. Later, after spending more time playing, researching what developers have improved, and getting in touch with 8 CIRCUIT STUDIOS, I was into this.

Project Genesis is an Early Access space shooter that combines space combat with first-person shooter gunplay, utilizing the Breach & Board mechanic that provides transference between the two environments. The game is still in the early stages of development. Since May 2020, 8 CIRCUIT STUDIOS, developer and publisher of Project Genesis, has improved the game in many ways. They have been talking with the community while directing these updates for over two years.

As Lawod, we know that the developers’ sincerity is one of the most vital aspects of an indie game‘s success. If there are people who are working on their every mistake, a good title is inevitable. We just wanted to clarify the game’s state and constant updates before reviewing the overall gameplay because it’s substantial to understand that creating a game takes time and patience.

We will be reviewing Project Genesis under three headings: Animation, combat, and visuals. So, if you have any questions about any of these, you can jump to the one you want to know. Before reading this review, be sure to watch our gameplay on our YouTube channel.

Project Genesis Has Two Combat Systems

I am sure many FPS players care about the combat the most. At last, mechanics, level design, and balancing are the main things about the shooters. Even though I agree with this view generally, I am more of a visual person. That’s why it took me some time to criticize the combat system. But I must say, after shooting range training, I was in the game. Project Genesis has two combat systems: your avatar and your ship. 

In short, with your avatar, you join the battle on foot. It’s a challenge to aim in the first several minutes of gameplay. You’ll need to get used to the world (animations and colors, which I’ll be explaining later) and shooting mechanics. Riding the ship and battling in the air is usually fun and easy. The main objective is generally easy to find. So, I don’t think any players will have a hard time finding them.

Guns are easy to remember because the game is in Early Access (a pre-alpha to be exact). So, there aren’t many gun types. There are 14 weapons currently in Project Genesis. They can be used for many tactics. But my favorite ones were Kingsguard and Autotac 7 (similar to KG but better at close range). Also, different types of grenades and tools will aid you in the gameplay. My personal advice is the turret. Either I love to be safe, or I am just an old TF2 veteran.

I also want to mention some negative reviews related to the issues in PvP matchmaking and a progression system that incorporated weapon unlocking into player progression. There are so many negative reviews about these issues on Project Genesis‘ Steam page. We asked about these negative reviews and what they wanted to say about these issues to Noel DeLisle, marketing coordinator, and he said, “Nearly all issues with imbalance in PVP matchmaking have been resolved, and players being isolated on servers by themselves has been almost entirely resolved. The previous weapon unlocking was removed from the game and all players have access to the same avatars/battle craft with zero weapon unlocking being required.”

Cool Reloading, Explosion, and Bullet Flying Animations

This topic might not sound so inclusive. But as an FPS gamer, seeing the glowing explosion, bullets flying all around, and a cool reloading animation is a cherry on top. Project Genesis has some good ground on this topic. Running, firing, flying, and main menu animations are well done. Honestly, it might sound small, but I must say reloading looks gorgeous. Besides these, the glowing explosion thing didn’t really work out in the game. Also, some of the deployment animations were a bit dull. What I mean is that they just appear.

Visuals Are Great For a Pre-alpha Game

Our final topic will include more criticism with even more praise. Let’s start with the bad. The game’s color palette is faint, which causes poor visuals in some areas. After a few minutes of playing, I couldn’t see the enemies because of this. If I were in the developers’ shoes, I would add a nametag over the players. The nametag would be helpful in these situations. So, it just props to the developers on this point. 

Except for these instances, the game looks fine. To be honest, it’s too good to be a pre-alpha game. Weapons, ships, avatars, skins (which add a colorful touch to the game)… Every time I was ready to push the OOHH, THIS LOOKS NOT SO GOOD button (no, I don’t have a button that says this, but you get the point), remember that I usually see this type of graphics in alpha or even beta stage games.

Project Genesis Managed To Get 7/10

There are still many features to talk about. General map design, gameplay strategies, and PVE combat allow the player to experience the game with more depth. We focused on what can be improved and the features we want to see more of.

As Lawod, we aim to help and encourage indie game developers to do their best for the gaming community. We have talked about many things in this article, including the pros and cons. Hopefully, 8 CIRCUIT STUDIOS have found inspiration and ideas from this review.

Overall, Project Genesis is a title with potential. From what we know, developers are still working on Project Genesis and are planning to rebrand the game entirely. The good thing is that the game will be cross-platform/cross-play at full launch and will feature PVP & PVE game modes.

Currently, Project Genesis has a price tag of $29.99 on Steam. You can also buy Deluxe and Legacy Edition Bundles of the game which include exclusive Founders content only available while the game is in Early Access. When Project Genesis is fully released, it will be free-to-play with cosmetic items in the game shop. We would give the game a lower Lawod Point if we didn’t see the developers’ improvements to the game and its community. Because of this, Project Genesis gets a 7/10 for its promising features and devoted creators.

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