Project Playtime Release Date and Announce Trailer

Project Playtime is a new horror game based on the Poppy Playtime series. It's a multiplayer horror experience that's free to play. Here in this article, read on to get some info on Project Playtime's Release Date and Announce Trailer.

Project Playtime is a free-to-play multiplayer horror game that puts players in the shoes of a resource extraction specialist. Players have to extract giant toy parts from an abandoned warehouse before being taken over by a monster. In order to survive, six players must work together to restore the toy, all while avoiding the scary monster in the process.

Released on December 12, 2022, Project Playtime aims to be a horror experience in the vein of games such as Outlast and Resident Evil. Although Project Playtime is free to play, it does have microtransactions and a pay-to-win mechanic.

Project Playtime Announce Trailer Overview

A new announcement trailer was released some time ago to give gamers a peek at what is on offer. The best part of it is that the gimmicks and the glitz are all free. This means you can spend your hard-earned cash on other stuff like cosmetics and microtransactions. Besides, what would you expect from a studio known for its horror-centric releases?

Project Playtime Announce Trailer does a good job of displaying some of the most interesting things about the project. For starters, the Project Playtime logo is emblazoned across the rear end of the train. And what is more, the train is in excellent working condition.

On top of that, the company’s marketing team has come up with a series of viral teasers to promote the upcoming release of this new title. Some of the tidbits include the release of a cool-looking TOY BOX. In addition, the game will feature a grab pack. While some players might balk at the idea of playing a game where they have to pay to play, the fact is that this new title is a worthy investment for fans of the original.

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