Rainbow Six Mobile Coming Out for Closed Alpha Test

Rainbow Six is one of the most successful productions of Ubisoft, which often develops video games for PC and consoles. However, the increasing share of mobile games in the gaming community led the studio to focus on mobile platforms as well. Recently, the company announced its famous title for the mobile platform under the name Rainbow Six Mobile.

Ubisoft officially released Rainbow Six Mobile into Closed Alpha on April 6, 2022. They even released a debut video for the game, and Ubisoft had been working together with WeGame for more than a year on the development of the game.

Rainbow Six Mobile Release Date

For a year, players have been anticipating the official release date of this promising game. It seems like Rainbow Six Mobile will be changing the trends in the mobile gaming industry. We were all expecting that the official release date of this amazing game could be in 2023. Luckily, we will be able to enjoy it sooner.

Unfortunately, the mobile markets were not announced yet, but we believe that Ubisoft will make the game global. Due to the intense demand and server status, the game may not be launched in some countries on the official release date. However, it will soon be released in other countries too.

Rainbow Six Siege was initially launched in 2015, and today, this tactical shooter game has sold more than 70 million copies. Considering the amazing popularity and success of Ubisoft’s Rainbow series, we believe that Rainbow Six Mobile will attract great attention too.

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Rainbow Six Mobile Coming Out for Closed Alpha Test 2

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It is worth noting that the mechanics will not be the same as on the PC or console platforms on mobile devices. This is mainly because of the design of these devices, but Ubisoft noted that players will not feel any difference and enjoy the same experience as in the original game.

If you loved playing Rainbow Six Siege, then we highly recommend you give a try to the mobile version as well. Since April 6, you have been able to join the test phase of Rainbow Six Mobile. You can now register for alpha tests of the game on Ubisoft’s official page. Don’t forget that you will be automatically added to future tests of the game by registering for alpha tests.

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