Remnant Records Is Available with Its Early Access Version on Steam

Remnant Records managed to attract attention and create anticipation before its official release. The game is available with early access right now on Steam!

Remnant Records offers an online co-op adventure in the horror genre. This amazing game is a kind of horror investigation game, where players can create teams of up to 4 players and enjoy the game online! You will be exploring haunted locations and trying to solve the mysteries.

The game has been on early access since July 19, 2022, and since then, it has received very positive feedback from gamers. Of course, your main goal will be to survive, but you need to solve numerous puzzles to ensure this.

Remnant Records
Remnant Records Is Available with Its Early Access Version on Steam 2

Remnant Records Story & Gameplay

Sometimes, people who suffer tragic deaths or live tragic lives may be trapped in our world and cannot pass to the other side. Over time, they only feel pure hatred, which leads them to wish others would also suffer the same as they did!

Your goal is to help these souls not just for the sake of them, but also for the sake of yourselves. You need to understand their story and find ways to free them. Otherwise, they will consume you, and you will suffer a miserable death.

In Remnant Records, you will be investigating the exact causes of why these souls are trapped in our world. You will be one of the members of a new agency that deals with paranormal activities.

A new mission will be provided to you by your agency, and you will have to visit haunted places all the time. Of course, your job is to cleanse these venues of these souls. You can play the game alone, but you can also get the support of your team.

Basically, you are going to exorcise spirits in the locations you are going to go to. Each spirit always leaves clues behind, which you need to search for and investigate. These clues will let you understand who the spirit was and whether it was trapped in our world.

This is the core of the gameplay of Remnant Records. However, each spirit has unique stories to tell, and they have their own ways of haunting living beings. In addition to this, players can choose between four characters with different roles.

One of the best parts of Remnant Records is that you will be starting as a new hunter and turning into a professional as you keep completing the missions alone or together with your friends.

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