Returnal Flying Enemies - Strixeras, Lamiadons, and Drones

Returnal is a roguelike bullet-hell shooter from Housemarque. There are parasitic, organic, corrupted, and flying enemies in Returnal. In this article, we will cover the flying enemies in Returnal.

Returnal, PS5 exclusive games recently released for PCs, features a variety of enemies that can be challenging to take on. However, the game’s procedurally generated levels mean that each run will be different from the last. Each biome is full of new enemies, challenges, upgrades, and collectibles that can make the experience feel fresh each time. As you progress through Returnal, enemies can appear with various unique abilities. These enemies can range from basic attacks to special abilities that will make your life difficult or impossible. This kind of frantic, pulse-pounding action can sometimes be intimidating, especially if you’re new to the genre.

As you get the hang of identifying flying enemies, slow-moving crawlers, and stationary turrets, it becomes easier to prioritize kills and execute your attacks. StrixerasLamiadons, and Drones are the flying enemies in Returnal. Here’s everything about them:

returnal flying enemies strixera
Returnal Flying Enemies Guide 4


Strixeras are one of the first flying enemies in Returnal that you can encounter. These are jelly-like creatures that can appear in swarms. They attack from a distance and spit green energy balls that can deal heavy damage. They can also shoot a yellow beam at you, which starts charging for a few seconds after it has been fired. If you can’t stop it within a few seconds, they will fire a laser at your character that will cause significant damage.

Strixeras will often spawn near the edge of the map. You can also find them below your level, so keep an eye out for them. They are more common as the game progresses, so you should try to kill them as soon as they appear. Lastly, be sure to stay at a safe distance from them so they don’t attack you back.

Returnal Flying Enemies Guide Lamiadon Lawod ss
Returnal Flying Enemies Guide 5


Lamiadons are another flying enemies that you can encounter in the Overgrown Ruins biome. It’s a snake-like creature with thin, ragged membranes attached to long, bony extrusions on its main torso. Its wings have a capacity for a flight that appears to be unrelated to its size and structure, allowing it to hover in midair.

Despite this ability, it’s still a dangerous enemy best avoided in close quarters. It’ll send many projectiles your way, including waves, bombs, and lasers, so it’s important to understand its attack pattern.

Returnal Flying Enemies Guide Drones Lawod ss
Returnal Flying Enemies Guide 6


Drones can be a bit easier to kill. These enemies are similar to broken automatons, but they have different moves that can be deadly. Upon dying, they will lose control and dive toward their target. The key to defeating them is staying out of their blast radius, which can be tricky initially. Once you get the hang of it, though, you can start killing these enemies quickly.

The best way to take down a drone is to use your kinetic blast, which allows you to draw a line of fire at the enemy and send thousands of drones to them. This will cause them to veer off course, allowing you to destroy them quickly.

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