Russian Policeman and Madness

If you are interested in video games developed by amateur developers, here is a new indie game for you: Russian Policeman and Madness. This is a quite new game that takes a bit of time but is still effective. Just like most indie games released recently, this one also offers a horror theme for its players.

What makes this game different from other indie games is its story. You’ll control a Russian policeman and try to solve a mystery in a venue. The game is limited to the map you are going to play, but it can still scare most players as they learn all the details on the map.

Russian Policeman and Madness Overview

Russian Policeman and Madness is one of the new indie games released on December 1, 2021. The total file size of the game is about 300 MB, and you can download it for free from

It is one of the atmospheric indie games that offer dark exploration and psychological horror experiences. It has decent graphics compared to other indie games.

You are going to control a policeman called Maxim Ivanov in Russian Policeman and Madness, and unfortunately, this will be the worst day in his career. In short, you are going to visit a scene of a crime and try to investigate what happened in the area.

Although the game is in Russian, players can also turn on and off the English subtitles. However, all the narration will be voiced by a Russian actor. We believe this offers a more authentic atmosphere and experience for the players. You should not forget to wear your headphones while playing this game for a better experience.

Russian Policeman and Madness Editor Opinion

If you like to play horror games developed by indie developers, you should definitely check out Russian Policeman and Madness. It is one of the best indie horror games that was developed recently. Although the game is a bit short compared to others, the developer promised to keep working on the game.

This means that you can expect new stages or scenes in the near future. If you love to play horror games, you can also check out other horror games developed by indie developers on Lawod.

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