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Are you ready for an adventure in the future? Fifty-nine years to be exact. Because KovalGames is here with their new title, Saghala: Heroes of the Last World. They describe the game as “when Heroes of Might and Magic meets Fallout.” We are very excited about it and can’t wait to see it in its full release. For now, we only have an early demo. You can watch our playthrough on our YouTube channel. Here we will explore the new state of the world and share everything we know so far. Gather around the survivors and listen up.

Saghala: Heroes of the Last World is a strategy adventure game with card-combat mechanics. The game is being developed by KovalGames, and the early demo launched on the 22nd of April. Speaking of the developer, when we say KovalGames, you may think of a group of developers, but KovalGames consists of only one person named Lucas S. Koval. He is a solo indie game developer from Poland, and he has been in this sector since 2010. In 2022, Lucas released his first title, Dark Minute: Kira’s Adventure, for PCs, Android, iOS, and Nintendo.

Saghala takes us to a post-apocalyptic Earth in the year 2081. Sixty years earlier, in 2031 (wow! That’s a bit close, right?), the nuclear war changed the world and humanity like nothing else. Now, we need to choose our faction and survive. The game combines the successful mechanics of many games and offers a promising title. To be honest, the story isn’t that original, but the way the game tells it is unique. So, let’s summarize what we saw when we played the demo.

We start the game with four choices. For now, we can only pick one faction, which is the Brotherhood Of Atom. The other three are the Flaming Skullfanatic followers who worship death, Worshipers and technology, and genetically modified ex-humans, Mutants. We can only imagine what other factions have to offer. But the ones who worship death and technology sound very cool. After selecting our team, we can see its statistics like damage, strength, and HP. At this stage of the game, we can’t modify the statistics, so we can say, “I’m limited by the technology of my time.” Further in, we help someone and fight with a mutant rat. It’s a pixel hunt at the start. You can’t tell what you can interact with unless you put your mouse on it. Yes, the map isn’t huge, and this is a bit frustrating, but it is a demo, right? So, what about combat?

Saghala: Heroes of the Last World

Saghala Offers a Great Strategy Elements

Combat is a turn-based card action. The unique thing is that you have the same amount of mana each turn. This mechanic makes it easier to build a strategy that can be OP in the right hands. We can also say that the effects are good enough, especially for an early demo. Besides this, the developers have some promises that sound bold and ambitious. 

The full version of Saghala: Heroes of the Last World will include four biomes and 20+ hours of content, which is great. The game will also get new features such as night invasions on your settlement, the ability to upgrade new buildings, the ability to build new ones to produce more resources, and the best feature, black humor.

Saghala: Heroes of the Last World is a promising title. In our playthrough, we faced some bugs. But it is totally normal and completely acceptable for an early demo. The demo showed us what they are capable of and the main design of the game. 

Saghala screenshot 3

At the time we are writing this review, the developers are creating a full pathfinding system and grid movement and working on the GFX for it. It is always heartwarming for the devs to communicate with their players. That is why we recommend you follow Solo developer Lucas S. Koval (KovalGames) on Twitter

Saghala Will Be Launched on Kickstarter

Another big news about the game is its Kickstarter campaign. The game will be launched on Kickstarter and collect funds to offer you the best experience. So be sure to follow them on Kickstarter. If you want to play Saghala’s demo version, you can find it on The game will be released next year, so you can add the game to your wishlist on Steam if you like the demo. Follow Lawod on social media to get the latest news about Saghala: Heroes of the Last World. You can also read my Saghala review on IndieWod. What are your thoughts about the game? Let us know in the comment section below.

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