Shadow Warrior 3 Trophy Guide

Released one month ago, Shadow Warrior 3 is one of the great first-person shooter games you can play these days. You might have already completed the game but lack some of the achievements. If you want to fully complete the game with all the trophies, then Lawod’s Shadow Warrior 3 Trophy Guide is for you.

In the following sections, you will find all the trophy names and their unlock requirements. We believe that you may not want to miss your chance to learn how to get these trophies one by one and fully complete the game with all your achievements. Here are the details.


My Precious! – You need to collect all the trophies in the game.

The End of the World – You need to complete The Dragon’s Back, the first mission in the game.

Let Me In! LET ME IN! – You need to complete Way to Motoko, the second mission in the game.

Down The Racoon Hole – You need to complete Motoko’s Thunderdome, the third mission in the game.

Damn, That’s A Big Dam – You need to complete That Damn Dam, the fourth mission in the game.

Lo Wang, First of His Name – You need to complete Walking on Eggshells, the fifth mission in the game.

I Don’t Have Friends, I Got Egg – You need to complete Egg Express, the sixth mission in the game.

Big-Laser-Gun-10000 – You need to complete Doomsday Device, the seventh mission in the game.

Lookin For That Special Someone – You need to complete Wayfarer’s Forest, the eighth mission in the game.

Ski Pass – You need to complete The Fast and the Furry, the ninth mission in the game.

Inside Out – You need to complete Midnight Snack, the tenth mission in the game.

Dragon Slayer – You need to complete Intestinal Inspector, the eleventh mission in the game.

Shiny! What Does It Do? – You need to perform your first upgrade.

I’m Something of a Gunsmith Myself – You need to fully upgrade any ranged weapon.

Master Smith Would Be Proud – You need to fully upgrade your katana.

Awake Your Inner Wang – You need to complete one of your skill branches.

Coaching Is Overrated – You need to get all the updates.

Surgeon – You need to perform finisher 15 times.

Executioner – You need to perform the finisher 100 times.

Show Me What You’re Made Of – You need to get all types of gore tools.

Samurai – You need to kill 100 enemies using your katana.

Acupuncture – You need to put 50 enemies on spikes.

Cool Guys Don’t Look at Explosions – You need to explode 50 explodables.

Gore Master – You need to kill 100 enemies using your gore weapons.

Don’t Come Closer – You need to kill 200 enemies.

Set The World On Fire – You need to set 25 enemies on fire.

Baddies Go ‘BZZZZZ’ – You need to electrocute 50 enemies on your own.

-273 Kelvin – You need to freeze 75 enemies.

It’s Dangerous Out There – You need to kill 150 enemies with the help of environmental hazards.

Caution! Watch Your Head – You need to defeat Shogai and obtain the Brain Tonic gore tool.

A Cold Day in Hell – You need to defeat Kugutsu and obtain the Brain Freeze gore tool.

Stop! Hammertime! – You need to defeat Oni Hanma and obtain the Equalizer gore tool.

Disco Inferno – You need to defeat Laser Shogun and obtain the Disco Grenade gore tool.

Anyone Has a Corkscrew? – You need to defeat Mogura and obtain the Penetrator gore tool.

Eye See You! – You need to defeat Seeking Shokera and obtain the Seeking Eye gore tool.

New Year Has Come Early – You need to defeat Slinky Jakku and obtain the Swarm Launcher gore tool.

Your Sword Is Mine! – You need to defeat Hattori and obtain the Blade of Hattori gore tool.

What’re You Cooking Here? – You need to defeat Chef Oburu Guruma and obtain the Hungry, Hungry Heart gore tool.

Size Does Matter – You need to defeat Gassy Obariyon and obtain the Double Trouble gore tool.

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