Side-Scrolling Micro Strategy Game Kingdom Two Crowns Got a New DLC – Kingdom Two Crowns Norse Lands

In late 2021, Kingdom Two Crowns: Norse Lands was released. With its own campaign, this new DLC introduces Norse culture and lands to the game.

If you have been looking for a great strategy game, then you need to learn more about Kingdom Two Crowns. It is one of the notable side-scrolling games that you need to check out as soon as possible.

Kingdom Two Crowns has pixel graphics and is a 2D game. The game has been around for almost four years, and today, we can play it on all PCs. So, if you are running out of games to enjoy on your computer, you may want to give this beautiful game a try.

So, let’s keep our introduction short and check out this amazing game that offers plenty of DLCs for players! And now the game has got a new one: Kingdom Two Crowns: Norse Lands.

Kingdom Two Crowns

Kingdom Two Crowns is a fantastic strategy and adventure game with pixel graphics. It is also an indie game developed by Stumpy Squid, Coatsink, and Fury Studios. The game was published by Raw Fury on December 11, 2018. Since then, the game has received plenty of positive feedback from its players.

In this game, you build your own kingdom and defend it against greedy creatures in it. Your people have faith in you, so everything will depend on you. Besides protecting your crown, you also need to protect your coins.

The best part about Kingdom Two Crowns is that you can play the game in solo mode or co-op mode with your friends! The game also offers local or online connections for co-op mode.

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Kingdom Two Crowns DLCs

As of today, Kingdom Two Crowns has three DLCs that you can purchase to enhance your gaming experience. We recommend completing the original game first and then purchasing these DLCs to extend your game time. Without a doubt, you are going to love all three of these DLCs a lot.

These three DLCs are ShogunDead Lands, and Norse Lands. Luckily, Shogun and Dead Lands are available for free! If you would like to play the Norse Lands, you will need to purchase it at a very affordable price.

Kingdom Two Crowns Norse Lands

Kingdom Two Crowns Norse Lands introduces the Norse culture to the game and offers a fantastic experience. In addition to this, the Norse Lands DLC comes with its own campaign. Players are going to find the sixth land to explore during their gameplay.

You will also enjoy new mechanics such as Norse rulers and Norse citizen jobs. Of course, you will encounter new challenges. Although you can easily get used to the gameplay of Norse Lands, we recommend playing previous DLCs and the main content first to enhance your fun.

Kingdom Two Crowns Shogun

The Shogun DLC for Kingdom Two Crowns comes with a unique theme. The game takes place in feudal Japan. As you can guess, the environment also changes in the game, and greed will be hidden behind thick bamboo forests.

This DLC can also be considered an expansion to the original game since it still receives updates. What makes Kingdom Two Crowns Shogun DLC amazing is that it is offered completely for free. Since it is like an expansion, we recommend completing the original game first and then playing this DLC.

There are not many new mechanics or features introduced in Shogun. However, it extends the story and gives additional missions and things to do. Therefore, we believe that you are going to love this DLC a lot if you love Kingdom Two Crowns.

So, what are you waiting for? Download Kingdom Two Crowns to your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer now and enjoy it!

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