Sledders – Realistic Snowmobile Simulator

Hanki Games has developed a new snowmobile simulator, Sledders, published by Bonus Stage. The game is now available on Steam Early Access and focuses on providing an exciting and realistic snowmobiling experience in the backcountry. Here is everything:

Snowmobiling is now on your PC with Sledders, a snowmobile simulator that uses realistic physics. I want to present you the game that allows you to explore massive maps featuring steep mountains, endless forests, and jaw-dropping slopes, all perfect for freeriding to practice your skills solo and racing against your friends in online multiplayer.

Designed to scratch the itch of snowmobilers, Sledders is a niche game for those who love to grind through dense forests and fly through powdery slopes at dangerous speeds. Its developers are all serious snowmobilers themselves, and they didn’t make it like a typical racing game with snowmobiles, where you just go fast and don’t worry about anything else. Instead, they made it so that you have to be very skilled and work hard to do well.

Notably, this game pays close attention to detail, seeking to replicate the actual feel of snowmobiling rather than just superficially applying a snowmobile theme to standard racing mechanics.

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Sledders Gameplay Features

Sledders is a snowmobile racing and simulation game that requires speed, precision, and quick reflexes. The game features various obstacles, such as trees, cliffs, and other environmental features, that players must avoid by swerving and jumping. 

Speaking of environment, Sledders offers large, open-world maps with snowy landscapes featuring steep hills, mountains, trees, and valleys, encouraging multiplayer experiences with friends in beautiful winter scenery. While the game focuses on realism, some players have found the controls challenging and somewhat inconsistent, suggesting that mastering the game may require patience and practice.

The game also includes power-ups that enhance sled performance and acceleration. The sleds in Sledders are very realistic and provide an accurate feel, slipping across icy areas, jumping around like bucking broncos, and having a large turning radius. This realism adds to the gameplay experience but also makes the sleds challenging to control.

Another unique aspect of Sledders is its physics-based gameplay, where the snowmobile’s interaction with the deep snow is a key part of the experience. This makes the gameplay more technical and challenging compared to typical arcade-style games.

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Sledders Graphics and Sounds

As we mentioned earlier, Sledders features highly detailed snowmobile graphics with realistic colors and textures. The game’s graphical presentation is clean and attractive, especially when riding through wooded areas with sunlight filtering through the trees.

However, during the early access stage, the game does not have background music and relies solely on the sound of the snowmobile engine. 

I have noticed another issue that seems to be worth mentioning. The sleds underneath the snowmobile don’t appear realistic when driving it. They keep vanishing in the snow in an unrealistic manner. However, given that it is a low-budget game, it may not be a major concern.

Currently, Sledders comes with three map options – WoodlandMountains, and Hills – each offering a different variation of snowy terrain.

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Bonus Stage is a Finnish indie game studio formed around the founders’ snowmobiling hobby. They develop adrenaline-fueled games to bring out the inner child in all of us! Its unique gameplay approach and meticulous attention to detail might well entice a wider audience interested in realistic simulation games.

The game’s development journey is a reflection of the founder’s passion for snowmobiling and his desire to share this experience with others, particularly during the off-season when actual snowmobiling isn’t feasible.

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