Splinter Cell Will Remade by Far Cry 6 Developers

Splinter Cell was one of the best tactical third-person shooting games of its time back in the 2010s. The last game was released in 2013 and no other game was released in the series. None of the players could give meaning because other games in the series were not developed by the developers.

Splinter Cell was ahead of its time, and it is still much better than most third-person shooter games in these times. Thus, Ubisoft decided to bring back this amazing game. As a result, millions of old players are excited! In this article, you are going to find detailed information about this news!

What Is Splinter Cell?

Splinter Cell, i.e., Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell, is one of the best third-person shooters developed by Ubisoft. You control a special agent, locate the terrorists, and gather critical intelligence. Basically, you are going to play modern espionage and be the hidden power of the NSA.

The game offers plenty of challenges, missions, and great mechanics for its players. Most of the time, you need to stay stealth to complete your missions. Some of the games in the series were single-player games, while in some games, players could play online and collaborate.


Is It a Remake or Remaster?

The good news is that Ubisoft officially announced they are working on a remake but not a remaster. This provides more freedom to the developers, and we can expect new features and a better game. In addition to this, the producer Matt West noted that they are going to build the game from scratch.
Considering the quality of Far Cry 6, our expectations about the Splinter Cell game are growing every passing day. We believe that it will be one of the best games that will be released in the following years. According to the news, the developers are working on the classic Splinter Cell, which was released in 2002.

When Will Splinter Cell Remake Be Released?

Unfortunately, the developing process just began. Although Ubisoft didn’t make any announcements about the release date, we believe it will take a few years. If you have high hopes about playing this amazing new game in 2022, you may want to forget about it.
According to our estimations, the game may be released in the second or third quarter of 2023. However, it is worth noting that these are just our estimations, and we need to wait for an official announcement. We will be updating you as soon as Ubisoft makes any announcements about the progression of the project.

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