Squad Busters Tier List

Welcome to our comprehensive Squad Busters Tier List! Whether you’re a seasoned player looking to optimize your team or a newcomer trying to get a handle on which characters to prioritize, this guide is for you. In Squad Busters, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each character can make the difference between victory and defeat. Our tier list is designed to help you build the most effective squad possible, so you can dominate the battlefield and climb the ranks with confidence.

Squad Busters Overview

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Squad Busters is an engaging and dynamic multiplayer game that pits teams of unique characters against each other in strategic battles. Each character has distinct abilities and roles, from powerful frontline tanks to agile damage dealers and supportive healers. The game requires not just quick reflexes but also strategic thinking and team composition knowledge to succeed.

The characters in Squad Busters are divided into tiers based on their overall effectiveness in various game modes. These tiers help players understand which characters are currently the most powerful and versatile, ensuring that they can make informed decisions when building their squads. Let’s dive into the tier list and see which characters stand out from the rest.

S Tier: Archer Queen, Barbarian King, Max, Hog Rider, Mortis, Bea, Royale King

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Archer Queen

The Archer Queen is a formidable ranged attacker with high damage output and excellent mobility. Her abilities allow her to deal significant damage from a distance, making her a key asset in taking down enemy targets quickly.

Barbarian King

The Barbarian King is a powerhouse in close combat. His high health and damage make him an excellent frontline fighter who can absorb damage while dishing it out. He also provides valuable buffs to nearby allies, enhancing their combat effectiveness.


Max is known for her incredible speed and agility. She can quickly navigate the battlefield, dodging attacks and positioning herself for optimal strikes. Her speed boost ability also helps allies move faster, making her a versatile pick in any team composition.

Hog Rider

Hog Rider combines mobility with brute force. His ability to charge through enemies and obstacles makes him a disruptive presence on the battlefield, capable of breaking enemy lines and causing chaos.


Mortis excels in hit-and-run tactics. His ability to dash through enemies, dealing damage and avoiding counterattacks, makes him a deadly assassin. Mortis is particularly effective against squishy targets that rely on distance to stay safe.


Bea is a high-damage sniper with a unique mechanic: her supercharged shot. After hitting a target, her next shot deals significantly more damage, allowing her to quickly eliminate high-priority targets.

Royale King

The Royale King is a versatile leader with balanced stats and powerful abilities. His presence on the battlefield inspires allies, providing buffs and debuffs that can turn the tide of battle. His adaptability makes him a top-tier choice in various situations.

A Tier: Witch, Nita, Barbarian, Bo, El Primo, Shelly, Colt, Pam, Heavy

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The Witch brings strong area-of-effect damage and crowd control to the table. Her spells can decimate groups of enemies and control the flow of battle, making her a valuable asset in team fights.


Nita is a balanced fighter with the ability to summon a bear companion. This companion can tank damage and provide additional offense, creating a dual-threat scenario for enemies to deal with.


The Barbarian is a straightforward but effective melee combatant. His high damage and durability make him a reliable choice for players looking to fill a frontline role without complex mechanics.


Bo excels in laying traps and providing vision. His mines can control key areas of the battlefield, and his long-range attacks make him a persistent threat from a distance.

El Primo

El Primo is a tanky brawler with powerful close-range attacks. His ability to leap into combat and stun enemies makes him an excellent initiator who can disrupt enemy formations.


Shelly is a versatile character with a mix of range and burst damage. Her shotgun blasts can deal massive damage up close, while her super ability provides area control and crowd control.


Colt is a reliable damage dealer with rapid-fire attacks. His precision shooting can quickly whittle down enemies’ health, and his super ability can clear paths and deal with clustered foes.


Pam is a support character who excels at healing and providing sustain for her team. Her healing turret is invaluable in prolonged fights, and her attacks deal consistent damage over time.


Heavy is a durable and hard-hitting character. His ability to absorb damage and dish out powerful attacks makes him a cornerstone of any frontline.

B Tier: Battle Healer, Medic, Dynamike, Tank, Wizard, Penny, Goblin

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Battle Healer

The Battle Healer provides strong healing capabilities but lacks offensive power. She is best used in teams that need sustained healing and can protect her while she supports from the backline.


The Medic focuses on healing and reviving teammates. While not the strongest in direct combat, her utility in keeping key allies alive makes her a valuable asset in team-oriented strategies.


Dynamike is a demolition expert with powerful area-of-effect attacks. His bombs can control space and deal significant damage, but he requires precise placement to be effective.


The Tank is a heavily armored character designed to absorb damage. While not particularly flashy, his ability to soak up hits and protect squishier teammates is crucial in many compositions.


The Wizard offers potent ranged attacks with elemental effects. His spells can deal damage and apply status effects, but he is vulnerable to direct attacks and requires good positioning.


Penny is a versatile attacker with a mix of single-target and area-of-effect damage. Her cannon can provide additional firepower, but she needs time to set up and be effective.


The Goblin is a trickster character with disruptive abilities. His gadgets and traps can confuse and hinder enemies, but he lacks direct damage and durability.

C Tier: Greg, Chicken, Trader, Mavis

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Greg is a basic character with limited abilities. While he can be useful in specific scenarios, his overall lack of versatility and power places him in the C tier.


Chicken is a novelty character with unique but generally less effective abilities. Fun to play but not particularly powerful or strategic in most situations.


The Trader offers niche abilities focused on economy and resource management. While interesting, these abilities do not translate well to direct combat, making him less useful in most battles.


Mavis is another character with limited combat capabilities. Her abilities are situational and often outclassed by other characters, placing her firmly in the C tier.

Final Words To Tell About Squad Busters Tier List

Building the perfect squad in Squad Busters can be a challenging yet rewarding task. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each character, you can optimize your team composition to maximize your chances of victory.

The S Tier characters, like Archer Queen and Barbarian King, offer unparalleled power and versatility, making them the best choices for most situations. A Tier characters provide strong support and utility, while B Tier characters have more situational uses but can still be effective with the right strategy. Lastly, C Tier characters might struggle to find their place in the current meta but can still offer unique gameplay experiences.

Remember, the key to success in Squad Busters is not just about picking the highest-tier characters but also about understanding how to use them effectively in synergy with your team. Experiment with different compositions, adapt to your opponents, and most importantly, have fun.

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