Strange Brigade Characters - All Playable Characters Plus DLC Characters

In Strange Brigade, you get to pick one of four characters to play as. If you want, you can also choose from five more characters that are available to buy as DLC.

Strange Brigade is a 1930s adventure shooter that pits players against giant scorpions, undead minotaurs, and other ancient tomb creatures. Its frantic co-op action is set in Ancient Egypt, with traps and secrets to discover and there are nine Strange Brigade characters you can choose to help team.

After an archaeologist unwittingly unleashes an ancient Witch Queen from her tomb four thousand years ago, the Strange Brigade is enlisted to fight back. Featuring Oxford academic Professor Archimedes De Quincey, brash Northern demon-slayer Gracie Braithwaite, and Maasai spirit-warrior Nalangu Rushida, the squad is tasked with destroying hordes of undead by using their supernatural abilities and physical weapons.

While Oxford-based developer Rebellion is better known for its realistic ballistics and gruesome testicle-popping kills in the Sniper Elite series, Strange Brigade takes things to an even more over-the-top level. The game’s 1930s style is beautifully rendered, and the sardonic British narrator provides an appropriately over-the-top commentary to lighten the mood.

You can select a character from the Brigade whose loadout and special move suits their playing style. You can then take on the campaign, which is a series of neatly designed set pieces and deadly boss fights. Alternatively, you can opt to battle endless waves in the horde mode. The game features a number of prototype weapons that can be upgraded, as well as ancient Strange Brigade amulets that can be charged by killing enemies.

Nalangu Rushida

Nalangu Rushida Lawod ss
Strange Brigade Characters 9

Nalangu Rushida is a great all-around character in Strange Brigade who can perform well in different situations. She has a special ability to heal herself every time she kills an enemy with melee attacks. So, it’s best to weaken enemies first with an automatic rifle and then finish them off with melee attacks to quickly recover her health. Rushida also has a special ability that helps her move faster, which is useful for exploring the game world. 

Although Rushida doesn’t have any unique abilities that set her apart from other characters, she is still very powerful when facing large groups of enemies. As you progress through the game and encounter more enemies, Rushida will become even more helpful.

Gracie Braithwaite

Gracie Braithwaite Lawod ss
Strange Brigade Characters 10

Gracie Braithwaite was raised in Lancashire, a region known for its textile factories and chimneys. Her straightforward manners stand out among the more refined members of the Brigade, but her skills as an operative cannot be denied. 

Gracie’s combat style involves powerful melee attacks that can create shockwaves and knockback enemies, and she also excels at using explosives that recharge quickly. Her preferred method of melee combat is a punch, and she typically carries a Leamington Model 14 double-barrel shotgun, a Marley .45 Automatic pistol, and grenades as her default loadout.

Archimedes De Quincey

Archimedes De Quincey Lawod ss
Strange Brigade Characters 11

Archimedes De Quincey is a character perfect for those who enjoy exploring and finding secrets. He is an important team member as he can help open up hidden areas containing powerful weapons and lots of coins. His ability to collect Souls from a distance means he can support his teammates without getting into the thick of things. Archimedes is great at finding special loot, making him the best character for this task in the game.

Archimedes loves to uncover ancient mysteries. However, he’s now concerned about the dangers that might arise from disturbing these ancient artifacts, and so he aims to keep the world safe by ensuring that these ancient horrors remain untouched and undiscovered.

Archimedes has some unique abilities that allow him to gather souls from a greater distance than anyone else on his team. He’s also skilled at finding secret areas that lead to hidden treasures.

When it comes to combat, Archimedes uses an open-palm strike. His weapons of choice are the Kingsley Special Repeater submachine gun, Laine P12 pistol, and Sticky Grenades.

Frank Fairburne

Frank Fairburne Lawod ss
Strange Brigade Characters 12

Frank Fairburne is a tough and versatile character who can take on a lot of damage, while also dealing it out to anyone who comes too close. His special rifle fires quickly and can be made even more powerful with some special items. His Chariot Charge is an amazing ability that helps him stay on top of things, and can even save his team from losing a game. Frank can hold his own when playing alone, but is also a great team player. He has a powerful set of skills and abilities that can make him almost invincible in the right hands.

Known as ‘The man with the coldest eyes in the Empire’, Frank is skilled in shooting and has contributed to many colonial conflicts worldwide. His sharp eyes and calm demeanor often make the difference between success and failure, and between life and death during missions. 

Additionally, Frank is stronger than other members of his team and can cause enemies to explode with a single headshot. Frank’s weapon of choice is the Westminster 1895 lever action rifle, and he also carries a Marley .45 Automatic pistol and dynamite as a backup.

Winston Bey

Winston Bey Lawod ss 1
Strange Brigade Characters 13

Winston Bey is a one-of-a-kind character with a special amulet known as Piercing Pestilence. This amulet can summon an ancient plague that can poison all the enemies around him. He has a unique ability that lets him collect Souls from a much longer distance. Winston is all about keeping his enemies at bay and attacking them from a safe distance using his lightning-fast Kingsley Special Repeater. 

He’s an excellent partner to have when you’re up against a tough boss like Ammit. Winston can melt through the health bars of tough bosses like Ammit with his poison. However, he’s not great at stopping enemies from getting too close to him, which is his only shortcoming. But with some practice, he’s still a decent player to have on your side.

Patrick Conaghan

Patrick Conaghan Lawod ss 1 edited
Strange Brigade Characters 14

As you progress through the game, you will face tough enemies like Ghouls and Skeleton Warriors. These enemies often attack in groups, making it difficult for the player to fight back. That’s where Patrick Conaghan comes in handy. 

He’s an expert at using explosive attacks to control the crowds. When he shoots his enemies in the head, it creates a small explosion that can damage nearby enemies. He also has dynamite that can explode in a larger radius, which is great for taking down bosses. 

Patrick has an Amulet that electrifies the enemies around him, protecting his team and creating some breathing room. If only his guns were a bit faster, he would be unstoppable.

Tessie Caldwell

Tessie Caldwell Lawod ss 1
Strange Brigade Characters 15

Tessie Caldwell is an amazing character in the game because she has a combination of the best personal qualities of other characters. She is very healthy like Frank, and her explosives recharge quickly because of her boosted recharge, which is similar to Patrick. Her Glacier Bombs are great for keeping enemies away, and her Infernal Firestorm can wipe out an entire group of enemies in one go, making it a very powerful ability against bosses as well. 

Tessie also has an excellent set of weapons that can take down enemies quickly, especially if they are upgraded. She is very good at using her abilities and weapons to help her team or to save herself. Tessie is the strongest character in the game and a great choice to play with.

Hachiro Shimizu

Hachiro Shimizu Lawod ss 1
Strange Brigade Characters 16

Hachiro Shimizu is a powerful character in the game Strange Brigade. He combines speed and health which makes him a formidable opponent on the battlefield, especially when equipped with a shotgun or SMG for close-range combat. His special move, Decaying Demon Blast, can deal massive damage and poison his enemies. 

If you like to play as an assassin in the game, you should definitely try playing as Hachiro. However, it’s important to make sure you have strong weapons and equipment to make the most of his abilities. With the right gear, Hachiro can be one of the best characters to play with.

Anjali Khan

Anjali Khan Lawod ss 1
Strange Brigade Characters 17

Anjali Khan was born in a rich family in India and was sent to study in Britain. However, her studies were abruptly halted when her father and older brothers were killed by an evil demon. It was discovered that the demon was the result of a curse on her family. Anjali took it upon herself to hunt down and slay the demon, but she knows that it may have been reincarnated somewhere else. Now, she travels the world with the Strange Brigade to find and defeat the demon once and for all, seeking justice for her family’s tragic fate.

Anjali has a special ability to absorb souls from a larger area than others, and she can deal more damage with headshots. Tessie’s go-to move in close combat is an elbow smash. When starting out, Tessie carries an Audley A40 Exemplar submachine gun, a Laine P12 Pistol, and some Cluster Grenades as her weapons of choice.

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