Survival Game Suggestion: Night of the Dead

If you are looking for a great survival game to play these days, we have a great suggestion for you. Night of the Dead is one of the new games that you can play in your free time. This amazing game will take you on a great adventure where you are going to survive despite zombies. It may not be as easy as it sounds, but it is not impossible either.

Night of the Dead was developed and published by Jacktostudios on August 28, 2020. Jacktostudios is a small studio that consists of two developers. It is also worth noting that the original game has not been released yet, and the game is in early access on Steam. With constant updates, Night of the Dead is one of the promising games you need to play.

Is Night of the Dead Multiplayer?

Night of the Dead also offers a multiplayer experience, which means that you can team up with your friends or other players to support each other. In this way, you can increase your chances to survive and have someone to chat with and cooperate with while playing this great game.

However, it is worth noting that Night of the Dead doesn’t support local co-op mode. Players who want to play multiplayer must prefer online co-op, which will not be any problem at all to play with your friends unless you have an active internet connection. Below, you can also learn more about the maximum limit for online games.

How Many Players is Night of the Dead?

Unfortunately, there is a limit on how many players can cooperate to stand against the zombie waves in Night of the Dead. This limit is four. You and three of your friends can play together to overcome the challenges in this amazing game and survive despite the zombies. Playing in co-op mode is highly advantageous as well.

Players have to build a small fort by using everything they are going to find on the map. When you play in 4 player mode, the zombie waves are a bit stronger, but your accumulated efforts will always pay off. You can build things faster or handle the challenges you are going to face easier. For this reason, we believe that you may want to play together with your friends and enjoy Night of the Dead more.

Survival Game Suggestion: Night of the Dead 2

Is Night of the Dead on the Console?

Unfortunately, Night of the Dead is a video game that is only available on the PC platform. If you have Windows or macOS, you can enjoy this great game. There are no announcements whether Night of the Dead will support the consoles in the future or not. However, considering that the game is still on early access for more than a year, we do not believe that it will be released on console soon.

You can follow our blog about Night of the Dead news. We will be sharing detailed information in the future when Night of the Dead will support additional platforms other than PC. Though you need to wait for the official release too.

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