Tchia Characters and Animals List

Tchia is a beautiful tropical open-world adventure that's inspired by the archipelago of New Caledonia. There are a couple of characters in Tchia, other than the Tchia herself…

In Tchia, players assume the role of Tchia, who lives on a tiny island in the Pacific Ocean with her father, Joxu. On her journey, there are a lot of characters players will meet in the game besides Tchia herself and her father, Joxu.

The story of the game starts when a flying ship arrives and upends everything Tchia has ever known. When Joxu is captured by a henchman of Meavora, a half-human, half-worm god creature who rules over the archipelago, Tchia must leave her island to rescue him and put an end to the scourge that is Meavora‘s evil reign.

The characters in Tchia speak in a mix of French and Drehu (a local dialect) to authentically represent the unique culture that Awaceb’s co-founders call home. It’s an approach reflecting the care and loves the team put into the game.

Tchia Characters List

Character NameDescription
AlexisThe 1,000 visitor to see Meavora. Sadly, he now works as the kings janitor.
BrotherA brother of the islands true princess.
ChiefCheif of Hunahmi village, he is able to make totems.
FatherTchia’s father who is kidnapped at the start of the game.
GabyTchia’s contact in Weliwele, she comes off as abrasive upon your first meeting.
Henchman Meavora’s human lackeys.
Kavere A mysterious woman who cares for Tchia after her meeting with “Meavora” iconMeavora.
Louise A young girl the same age as Tchia that lives on the “Ija Nöj” iconIja Nöj.
MaanoMeavora clothed minions, they can be destroyed with fire.
Masked Knight Tchia’s mother is absent at the start of the game.
Meavora An evil god who has stolen the throne and holds Tchia’s father captive.
Mother Tchia’s mother who is absent at the start of the game.
Mwaken These mysterious beings live on the hidden island of Ieji Sinöe with Kavere.
Pwidua Meavora’s servant kidnapped Tchia’s dad and later on attacked her.
Secretary An older woman who works for Meavora and vets his visitors.
Tchia The young hero of the game possesses the ability to soul jump into animals and inanimate objects.
TreA friend of Tchia and her father, he saves Tchia near the start of the game.
YoulA young boy with a powerful hacking ability.
Tchia Characters and Animals List Lawod ss
Tchia Characters and Animals List 2

Tchia Animals List – Abilities and Location

CatNight VisionNear human civilization
DogDig HoleNear human civilization
PigDig HoleNear villages
BoarDig HoleFound everywhere
CowExplosive DungNear villages
DeerSprintFound in forests
Giant GeckoClimb AnythingWet forest areas
CentipedeNoneGrassy areas
Giant Coconut LocustFlightBeaches
Coconut CrabPowerful Pinch, Climb TreesBeaches and reefs
Common CrabPowerful PinchBeaches and reefs
Red CrabPowerful PinchNative to Kwëo
Flying FoxFlight, Night VisionCaves and dense forests
Green ParakeetFlightFound everywhere
ChickenExplosive EggNear human civilization
CrowFlightFound everywhere
KagouScary BarkFound everywhere
NotouFlightFar from civilization
Common DoveFlightFound in urban areas
Silver GullFlightBeaches and coasts
Banded Sea KraitFast SwimmerNear reefs
Sea TurtleSwimmerCoasts and ocean
DolphinSprint, Fast Swimmer, High JumpOcean
Blacktip Reef SharkFast Swimmer, Powerful BiteShallows and reefs
Parrot FishSprint, Fast SwimmerReefs
Angel FishSprint, Fast SwimmerReefs
Butterfly FishSprint, Fast SwimmerReefs
Clown Trigger FishSprint, Fast SwimmerReefs
Idol FishSprint, Fast SwimmerReefs
Surgeon FishSprint, Fast SwimmerReefs
DawaSprint, Fast SwimmerReefs and ocean
LionfishSprint, Fast SwimmerReefs and ocean
GrouperSprint, Fast SwimmerReefs
Napoleon FishSprint, Fast SwimmerOcean
MackerelSprint, Fast SwimmerOcean
TrevallySprint, Fast SwimmerOcean
XetiwaFlightMain story

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