Terra Nil—Reclaim The Wasteland

You have played games like Simcity and Cities Skyline before. Terra Nil is one of them but in reverse. You were exploiting the ecosystem to build a city in games like this. As opposed to such games, Terra Nil is a game where you can reclaim the ecosystem with high-tech devices. I think it is very nice to have games such as Terra Nil that show that we can rebuild the ecosystem these days when the ecosystem is destroyed. Let’s take a closer look at Terra Nil—Reclaim The Wasteland.

Terra Nil—Reclaim The Wasteland 3

Terra Nil—Reclaim The Wasteland in a Nutshell

If we spend half of the billions we spend searching for a new world in space for our world, maybe we will not need to search for a new world at all. Terra Nil is a game that shows and teaches you what you need to reclaim nature.

Terra Nil is a reverse city builder game developed by vfqd, elyaradine, and the junt in a pixel-art style. Terra Nil is a game with the developers’ definitions “Turn a barren wasteland into an ecological paradise complete with different flora and fauna, then clean up after yourself to leave the environment pristine.”

You can watch the official gameplay video of Terra Nil on Youtube.

First of all, you can play the whole game with the mouse. You start the game in a barren wasteland where you can turn it into a glorious green nature. Your source to reverse the world into a green is determined according to the difficulty level you play. When I play Terra Nil, I felt like the more I green a barren land, the happier I am.

You can find more information about the Terra Nil on their official website.

Terra Nil Download

Terra Nil is free to download and play. You can download and play Terra Nil according to the operating system of your computer. It can be downloaded separately for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Terra Nil, like many other Indie Games, is a game that has its own official website on You can download Terra Nil from the game’s own official website.

Terra Nil—Reclaim The Wasteland2
Terra Nil—Reclaim The Wasteland 4

Author Rating: 3/5

There aren’t many resources you can use in the game. This is an indie and jam game, after all. It’s not as realistic and extended a game as Simcity or Cities Skyline. For this reason, do not keep your expectations about the game too high. But I liked the idea of the game and the message it wanted to give. Also, I think Terra Nil is a game with fluent and beautiful graphics. Therefore, my score for Terra Nil is 3 out of 5.

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