The Amanda the Adventurer Mobile Announced

Fans are excited as the popular Amanda the Adventurer franchise is coming to mobile devices. Here is everything!

DreadXP Games and MANGLEDmaw are bringing the world of analog horror games and ARGs to mobile platforms with the release of Amanda the Adventurer. This indie horror game, already available on the Nintendo Switch and PC, is now making its way to iOS and Android, allowing players to experience its nostalgic spookiness on the go. The news was announced by the official Amanda the Adventurer Twitter account as part of the original game’s first anniversary celebrations.

What is Amanda The Adventurer?

Amanda The Adventurer is a horror game that features challenging escape room-style puzzles you solve using clues hidden within the VHS tapes. In the game, you will explore Riley’s new home and watch the unsettling tapes as they unravel the truth behind them. Also, you should make sure to follow Amanda’s instructions, or she may become angry.

The story of the game reminded me of Kevin Hart’s movie Jumanji. You play as Riley Parker, who inherits their Aunt Kate’s house, finds a stack of old VHS tapes next to an old TV in the attic. Upon inspecting the tapes, Riley realizes they are episodes of an early 2000s kids’ cartoon that she is not familiar with. Riley decides to watch one of the tapes, and this decision marks the beginning of a horrifying adventure.

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Amanda The Adventurer Mobile Release

Cerulean Games, the team handling the port, has previously brought other horror titles to consoles. This will be their first venture into mobile gaming.

Cerulean Games has not yet announced a specific release date for the Amanda the Adventurer mobile port. In response to a fan’s inquiry on Twitter, the studio stated that they are taking the time needed to ensure a high-quality port worthy of Amanda, and will release it “When it’s done, and done right”.

Amanda the Adventurer will be available for Android, iOS, and all major gaming consoles this year. Those interested in checking out this unnerving horror game can download a free demo of the game via Steam.

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