The Bad End Theater Review

The Bad End Theater is a visual novel with multiple endings.

“OMG! I shouldn’t have done that. She was innocent! Yes, this is safer… Wait, what happened?!” You must have said one of these lines if you have ever played at the Bad End Theater. The game was developed and published by NomnomNami. It was released on October 26, 2021. The game is available for PCs on Steam and for $9.99 and for Android on the Google App Store. 

On first impression, the Bad End Theater seems neither too good nor too bad with its pixel graphics, storyline, and cute dialogues. But you are far from the truth. The game has a lot to offer. We were amazed by it. That’s why we will talk about its gameplay and story. Let’s get started!

The Bad End Theater Gameplay

The Bad End Theater is a visual novel with four different character choices. After finishing a cute tutorial, you proceed by choosing the character of your choice, and the story begins. You will face situations in the world that require you to make decisions between two actions. These actions will change the fate of the story and its characters. And then, you will see an ending. Of course, that’s not all. It’s time to choose a character, make decisions, and end the game again. So, who are these characters, and what do they do?

These four characters are The Maiden, a girl from a village, The Hero, our sword-wielding warrior, The Overlord, a female demon, and The Underling, who serves The Overlord. We recommend you start with anyone you like, because the character you start with won’t affect the game. In the end, you will be able to restart the world. You might even pick the same character and choose the other options. In that way, you will be able to see a whole new story. 

For instance, if you pick The Overlord, which was our first pick, and be mean to The Underling, it will result in The Hero attacking your castle. If you engage him, The Overlord will die, which is one of the endings in the game. 

Changing your choices and characters will affect the ending because the story isn’t very long, even if you choose the right path. According to the developer, the game will take 1 to 3 hours to finish and has more than 40 endings. 

The Bad End Theater ss

Besides gameplay, Bad End Theater has a fascinating soundtrack that changes according to the situation and character choices. We can say that the soundtrack of the game drives you into the game. Another great part is that the game has 14 different languages for the interface and subtitles.

Overall, Bad End Theater is an interesting indie game with an engaging story that makes you both a villain and a hero. We highly recommend you try this game. You can now get The Bad End Theater on Steam and So, what would be your first pick? And why? Share it with us in the comment section below. To find more indie games like this, you can follow Lawod on social media or allow Lawod’s browser notifications. Stay tuned to Lawod.

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