The Best 5 Project Zomboid Mods

Project Zomboid is an open-world survival game with a zombie concept, developed and published by The Indie Stone. This amazing game was released in 2013, but since then, it has managed to become popular despite the years.

If you would like to add some additional features to Project Zomboid, then you may want to consider installing the Project Zomboid mods. We have picked the 5 best Project Zomboid mods you can install right now for you!

How Do You Add Mods to Project Zomboid’s Workshop?

You can find everything you need by visiting the Steam Workshop in the game. All you need to do is search for the following mods and subscribe to them. Later, you can simply enable or disable the mods you like through the in-game mod menu. So, you don’t have to worry about adding Project Zomboid mods

Here are the top 5 Project Zomboid mods we suggest you try: 

Raven Creek by DavidBlane

The Best 5 Project Zomboid Mods Lawod Raven Creek 1
The Best 5 Project Zomboid Mods 6

Raven Creek is a city map that is full of plenty of elements. Such an abundance of items can be considered an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time. One of the best parts of this map is that you can find plenty of buildings and warehouses to fill your inventory.

On the other hand, looting is a bit challenging compared to other Project Zomboid maps. In addition to this, Raven Creek was originally designed for multiplayer raids. You and your friends can really enjoy your time on this map.

True Actions by iBrRus

The Best 5 Project Zomboid Mods Lawod ss
The Best 5 Project Zomboid Mods 7

True Actions can be quite handy Project Zomboid mods if you enjoy creating a peaceful environment for yourself among all this chaos. You can design your safe area the way you want. As you know, the furniture in Project Zomboid is quite limited. However, True Actions can provide you with the solution you are looking for.

Despite the wide range of furniture, the game engine will be a problem for practically using all the furniture. Due to the limitations of the game engine, players can only sit on objects that are directed to the south.

Just Throw Them Out the Window by Co

The Best 5 Project Zomboid Mods Just Throw Them Out
The Best 5 Project Zomboid Mods 8

If you do not like the idea of piled-up corpses, then the Just Throw Them Out the Window mod offers you a straightforward solution. We are pretty sure that you get what you can do with this mod.

However, to make it clear, we would like to explain it. You can throw the zombies out the window with the help of this mod.

Authentic Z by Peach

The Best 5 Project Zomboid Mods Authentic Zlawod
The Best 5 Project Zomboid Mods 9

This great mod provides plenty of new outfits for the game. Most of these outfits are inspired by some of the iconic zombie movies, characters, and relevant topics. For example, you can find student zombies at schools or hunter zombies at hunting stands or in isolated cabins.

This provides a better context for the game, and we believe it also improves the gaming experience. You can even make a list to hunt down special zombies. The Authentic adds 140 new outfits to the game when you install it.

Better Lock Picking by Aiteron

The Best 5 Project Zomboid Mods Better LockPicking
The Best 5 Project Zomboid Mods 10

Unfortunately, the building access mechanics in Project Zomboid are not satisfying. However, you can easily overcome this challenge by adding the Better Lock Picking mod to the game. It provides you with better burglary skills and lets you use brute force to get into different buildings.

With the help of this mod, all you need will be the right tools to access buildings. You will have to play the mini-game that is available in many lock-picking games to access buildings.

With quick research, you can also explore many other beneficial Project Zomboid mods according to your taste. However, we believe these 5 best Project Zomboid mods will appeal to all players.

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