The Iron Oath – A Fantastic Turn-Based Strategy Game

The Iron Oath is one of the amazing turn-based strategy games that did not get the attention it deserved. If you want to learn more about this game, then check out our review!

The Iron Oath is a great turn-based strategy game that was developed by Curious Panda Games and published by Humble Games on April 19, 2022. In our opinion, it is a fantastic game, which is on early access right now.

However, despite its reasonable price, the game did not get the attention it deserved for us. So far, The Iron Oath has received very positive feedback from the Steam community. However, the number of players is quite low for the genre.

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The Iron Oath – A Fantastic Turn-Based Strategy Game 4

This story-rich game will take you to a world that is full of betrayal and bloodshed. It is a very familiar fantasy strategy game, which most gamers will enjoy. If we need to summarize the game, we will say that it is a combination of XCOMDarkest Dungeon, and Divinity: Original Sin.

The only downside to the game may be its pixel graphics. However, it is still far better than most pixel games. In fact, this provides a retro atmosphere for players. 

In The Iron Oath, game mechanics and story are at the forefront. In addition, you will not have any challenges in getting used to the game. The developers created an amazing tutorial, which teaches almost every aspect of the game. All that’s left for you is to build your strategy and make your choices.

Each layer of the game is well designed, and the pace of the game is good enough to not get bored at all. Moreover, The Iron Oath also offers great diversity in terms of the mercenaries that you will include in your team.

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The Iron Oath – A Fantastic Turn-Based Strategy Game 5

From elementalists to warriors, rangers to wizards, you will have dozens of heroes to choose from. In addition to this, the game is also quite rich in terms of enemy types and skills. Additionally, the story of the game has numerous branches.

Players are going to explore new cities and find new companies. Although the game is on early access right now, you will feel that you are enjoying a full game. This means that it will get better with the improvements and the feedback that you can share with the developers on the Discord channel.

It is possible to upgrade and customize your mercenaries at the party. Moreover, you can also send your favorite mercenaries to different missions so that they can keep earning experience points. Additionally, you need to take care of your mercenaries very well to keep progressing.

They can get injured and even die. The Iron Oath is also rich in injury types, and your mercenaries may suffer broken spines, trauma, and fractures. One of the best parts of the game is that you can always meet new mercenaries, recruit them, and upgrade them by adding them to your party.

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The Iron Oath – A Fantastic Turn-Based Strategy Game 6

Just like in all turn-based strategy games, building a good party will make things easier for you. You should focus on leveling up your mercenaries, upgrading them to unlock new skills and abilities, and customizing them however you want.

The Iron Oath literally shines when it comes to battle mechanics. You are going to send some of your mercenaries as scouts to disarm traps and explore the area before combat. Having a good strategy is essential in this game to take your enemies down and keep progressing.

Without a doubt, The Iron Oath will force you to make challenging decisions most of the time. Sometimes, you will have to sacrifice some of your soldiers to win the battles you are going to take. However, we believe that you will not let anything stop you from progressing.

Another great mechanic in The Iron Oath is about keeping your mercenaries in your team. They all have opinions, and if you make too many choices with which they don’t disagree, then they may betray you and leave your party. In addition, you need to make sure that you pay them enough gold to keep them.

We highly encourage you to give this game a try. You can visit the official Steam page of the game right now and start enjoying The Iron Oath.

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