Trinity Trigger Download, PC System Requirements, and More

Trinity Trigger is an action RPG inspired by the classic RPGs of the '90s. It features top-down real-time combat and dungeon exploration, with a focus on fast-paced weapon-switching. Check out to learn where you can get the game, its available platforms, and its PC system requirements.

Trinity Trigger is an actionadventure RPG inspired by the iconic games of the 1990s and designed with a modern emphasis on fast-paced combat. Play as CyanElise, or Zantis in a world that’s part of medieval Europe, high fantasy, and dashes of near-modern technology.

The game’s story centers on a world locked in an eternal war between Order and Chaos. You can explore the world of Trinitia, chatting with townsfolk and exploring its diverse environments, including forests, sandy deserts, and snowfields. There are plenty of dungeons to visit and enemies to fight in Trinity Trigger.

Battles are played out in real-time, with players able to attack enemies so long as their action gauge remains full. 

Every so often, chosen warriors bearing the emblems of one god or the other are born. They are fated to fight to the death and usher in a new age for their chosen god.

Different weapons drain that gauge at different rates, so figuring out which to use for each situation is key.

All in all, Trinity Trigger is a clear love letter to the Mana series and features well-balanced gameplay and plenty of options. While the story could have used fewer tropes, it holds your attention through its twenty-plus hours.

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On What Platforms is Trinity Trigger Available?

Trinity Trigger was developed by FuRyu, published by Xseed Games, and released on September 15, 2022, in Japan, and April 25, 2023, globally. The game is now available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Windows PC, and Nintendo Switch. 
The game’s developer crew is full of a star-studded group of RPG developers, including worldbuilding artist Yuki Nobuteru (Trials of Mana), composer Hiroki Kikuta (Secret of Mana), character designer Raita Kazama (Xenoblade), and scenario writer Yura Kubota (Octopath Traveler).

Where to get Trinity Trigger?

Those looking to relive the glory days of RPGs will be pleased with Trinity Trigger‘s graphics and gameplay. Its accessible and rewarding game mechanics incorporate modern flourishes to make the experience enjoyable for players of all ages.
You can find Trinity Trigger on PlayStation Store for PS4 and PS5, on Steam for Microsoft Windows PCs, and on Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch. The game is not available for Xbox devices, unfortunately.

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Trinity Trigger System Requirements

Trinity Trigger is an action role-playing game that combines the look and feel of iconic RPGs from the ’90s with a modern emphasis on fast-paced, customizable combat. 

Trinity Trigger is a good throwback to classic action RPGs like Trials of Mana, with a fun story, interesting character design, and solid combat system that lets you swap between 8 customizable weapons. However, the clunky item management and inelegant systems (like having to constantly switch between characters for healing) keep it from being great.

Although the game’s visuals don’t require high-end hardware, you need a PC with average specs. Here are the Trinity Trigger PC system requirements: 

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating systemRequires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OSWindows 10 or laterWindows 10 or later
CPUIntel® Core™ i5-6600 @ 3.3 GHzIntel® Core™ i7-7700 @ 3.60 GHz
Memory4 GB RAM8 GB RAM
DirectXVersion 11Version 11
Storage3 GB available space3 GB available space

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