Discover In-Depth Information on Each Turbo Overkill Weapon

From pistols to sniper rifles, twin shotguns and a sawed-off double-barreled variant, machine guns, and rocket launchers, there's an impressive array of firepower at your disposal. Here is all you need to know about Turbo Overkill weapons:

Turbo Overkill has great weapons you can choose through your adventure. In this article, you can find all these weapons, but before we pass to the weapons, we would like to mention the weapon upgrades where the game really makes the difference.

These aren’t just extra attachments – like an exploding head attachment that does more damage or a twin grenade attachment that automatically locks on enemies – but entirely new weapons. Activating the ‘Turbo Time’ ability, for example, turns every bullet into a projectile that explodes and overloads enemies, while the telefragger sniper rifle essentially teleports Johnny inside enemies for critical damage.

There are many different weapons to choose from in this game, and each one has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. So, it’s important to choose the right weapon for your situation! Here are all the Turbo Overkill weapons:

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Turbo Overkill Weapons Guide 15
  • Chainsaw Leg – Melee Weapon 
  • Magnums – Ranged Hitscan
  • Waster Shotgun – Ranged Hitscan
  • Uzis – Ranged Hitscan
  • Boomer – Ranged Hitscan
  • Twincendiary – Ranged Hitscan
  • Rocket Launcher – Ranged Projectile
  • Micro Missile – Ranged Projectile
  • Car – Ranged Hitscan
  • Kick – Melee Weapon
  • Plasma Rifle – Ranged Projectile
  • Telefragger – Ranged Hitscan
  • Bike – Melee/Ranged
  • Ion Cannon – Ranged Hitscan

Chainsaw Leg

In Turbo Overkill, there’s a weapon called the Chainsaw Leg. It’s basically a chainsaw attached to your right leg that you can use for close combat. You can also use it to cut through objects that might be blocking your way, like a wooden fence.


In Turbo Overkill, there’s a weapon called the Magnums which is really powerful. It’s a type of gun that you can hold one in each hand. You can shoot it normally like any other gun, or you can switch to a different mode that’s even more powerful. With the Magnums, you can take out enemies from a distance.

The Waster Shotgun

The Waster Shotgun is a weapon in Turbo Overkill. It works like a regular shotgun, but it has two ways of shooting. You can use it like a normal shotgun or switch to a different mode.


In Turbo Overkill, one of the weapons available is called the Uzis. It’s a type of gun that can shoot automatically using both hands, which is pretty cool! There are two ways to use it – one way is to shoot with both Uzis at the same time, which is called focus fire. The other way is to shoot with just one Uzi, but with more accuracy, which is called focus mode.

The Boomer

The Boomer is a shotgun that can shoot two bullets at once, or you can switch to a mode where it shoots grenades instead.


Twincendiary is similar to a machine gun but can hold a lot of bullets at once. It also has a different way of firing.

Rocket Launcher

In Turbo Overkill, there is a weapon called the Rocket Launcher. When you use it, rockets are fired and explode, which can take out more than one enemy at the same time.

Micro Missile Launcher

Micro Missile Launcher is like a glove for your left hand that shoots missiles at the bad guys you choose to attack.


Car can be used as a weapon in Turbo Overkill. It’s a car that can fly and shoot guns from far away to take down opponents. It can also be used to protect yourself.

The Kick

The Kick” is one of the weapons Johnny Turbo can use. It’s a basic melee attack where he kicks the enemy with his left leg.

Plasma Rifle

Plasma Rifle shoots by using “Cells,” just like how the Plasma Gun in Doom Eternal works.


Telefragger is a type of gun that can shoot enemies from far away, and it’s really powerful – it can even make enemies explode into little pieces!

Ion Cannon

In Turbo Overkill, a powerful weapon called the Ion Cannon can cause a lot of damage to enemies. It works by shooting a beam of energy from the sky that can destroy anything in its path.

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