Urbek City Builder – Is It the Most Fun New City-Builder?

Urbek City Builder may be one of the best city-builder games you can enjoy these days! It is fun and full of opportunities and possibilities. Here is a quick review of this new game!

Urbek City Builder was developed by Estudios Kremlinois and published by RockGame S.A. on July 13, 2022. Since the game’s official release, it has received very positive feedback from the Steam community. Thus, we thought it would be great to introduce this game to you.

Urbek City Builder is a city-building game that requires you to have good resource-management and economic skills. Players are going to build cities with different districts for a fully functioning community.

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From the education of your population to managing your natural resources, you have numerous mechanics to pay attention to. Although the game’s voxel graphics may not appeal to some players, they will truly enjoy their time starting from the first minute.

In this amazing game, you will be in charge of building the city of your dreams. To meet the needs of your city and population, you will be responsible for many aspects, such as natural resources, increasing the quality of life of your population, and building districts.

You will build different neighborhoods to create open spaces for newcomers. You can build libraries, parks, luxury shops, and even bars in those new neighborhoods! 

It is worth saying that Urbek City Builder doesn’t have any kind of currency system. Instead, players have to use their resources, such as coal, food, or skilled labor, to keep building. 

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There Are More Than 30 Different Resources To Manage in Urbek City Builder

What makes the game amazing is that you will have more than 30 different resources to manage! This is something like a fairy tale for all city-builder genre lovers. Because having a variety of resources makes the game deep and allows you to play the game for longer periods of time.

Of course, you need to be able to manage these resources very well and enjoy a progressive growth. Make sure you find the required resources before you run out of the existing ones. Thus, you need to create a good balance between nature and your industry.

Education Level Of The Population Is Crucial

The education level of your population is also highly important and can affect the course of your progression. Besides having a population with a qualified workforce, you can also focus on scientific research to keep building better, bigger, and fancier buildings.

You Can Walk Around The City’s Streets, Unlike Other City Builders

Another great feature of Urbek City Builder is that you can wander the streets of any neighborhood you are going to build in the game. Thus, you will have a chance to check out how your residents spend their days and what kinds of facilities they use most in their daily lives.

The placement of the new buildings also matters a lot in Urbek City Builder as well. For example, you need to have farms in the area to be able to build a local market. In addition, educational buildings also need to be close to each other.

In short, Urbek City Builder offers numerous alternatives to players and lets them build their cities the way they want. The game also offers five different biomes and more than 200 buildings, letting them build their dream city!

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