Warlander is Coming Out in December Here is What We Know So Far

Looking for a massively multiplayer RPG that mixes the tactical team-fighting of modern MOBA games with the knockout-style combat of a Battle Royale game? Warlander is coming out for you on December 2022!

While making a Warlander preview is still early, articles released around could give us a good idea of what to expect from the game. That’s why you may think this is a compilation article that includes the release date, a gameplay trailer, and platforms on which Warlander will be available. 

What is Warlander?

Warlander is a free-to-play strategy RPG with a Medieval setting and robust robots. It offers competitive skirmishes, castle sieges, and a variety of play options. Players can create their own decks, customize character abilities, build weapons gears, and use rare idols. Your choices will determine how the war ends.

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Warlander is Coming Out in December Here is What We Know So Far 2

Warlander Gameplay

The game has a great premise, exciting gameplay, and some key ingredients for an excellent PVP game. But the game will need to find its niche in a competitive world to succeed. This means that players must be strategic and tactical to win battles.

Warlander also gives you a lot of ways to customize things, access to offensive and defensive weapons, rare cataclismo idols, and smart ways to fight.

The gameplay is simple, but the combat and environments are unpolished and unfinished. The characters aren’t fascinating, and the combat is a bit repetitive.

The game has great potential, but it’s not without flaws. The controls are a bit clunky, and there are several minor bugs. It has an interesting base game loop and plenty of options for upgrading and combining different characters.

Warlander Release Date

Warlander will be a free-to-play massively multiplayer game. It is currently in a playtest on Steam. Even though the developers haven’t said when the full version of the game will come out, the Steam page of the game says it will be released in December 2022.

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