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Warno is a promising wargame that requires real-time tactics, and the game will be released on early access shortly. Eugen Systems, which is one of the notable studios in the strategy game genre, is the team behind this amazing ultimate wargame. Without a doubt, Warno managed to attract all the attention of wargame lovers with its gameplay videos and early access content.

If you love wargames, then Warno will appeal to you with its Word War 3 concept. Unlike what you may think, this war will not take place in the future, but in 1989. Thus, you are going to enjoy plenty of realistic mechanics and military vehicles during your adventure in Warno.

We would like to note that Warno is a typical wargame where players will build their decks, place their vehicles and units on the battlefield, and, of course, try to win the battle. Different units have different characteristics, and they can carry up to three pieces of equipment. You can also reinforce your unity with vehicles such as supply trucks.

Play Warno Early Access Now!

Although the Early Access mode has limited features, you can still enjoy the multiplayer and PvP modes in the game. In addition to this, you can access the “Armory,” where you can build your forces just like you used to do in the Steel Division.

However, the number of divisions you can build for each faction is limited to one. Moreover, you will not enjoy any of the battle phases of the Steel Division. Instead, you are going to build your deck. You have 50 activation points and different categories, such as infantry and tanks. Depending on the division you choose, the number of available slots and their cost vary.

The best part about Warno is that it offers plenty of options to players, but you will have to unlock them first. You can also deploy free units, but this is mainly about platoons and companies. For example, in a wargame, you could call individual units. However, in Warno, you call a group of units, and each group has three slots.

You Can Tie Platoons to Group Commands

Although we have worries about the feasibility of these groups due to their point costs, you can tie them to group commands. This will lessen the load and stress put on the players. In this way, you can group certain units and have better control on the battlefield.

Another important convenience that Warno offers is that you can reinforce your damaged formations with a single button. Warno also adopted a fun feature from Armored Brigade. You can set the route that your units will take. For example, you can prefer them to travel on a covered route, the quickest or shortest route.

Thanks to this feature, Warno offers a great chance for players to customize their strategy depending on the changing conditions. Without a doubt, such a great feature can help you customize your gaming experience, especially in a real-time strategy game.

We believe that you are going to have plenty of amazing times even in the early access mode of Warno. So, do not miss your opportunity to enjoy it as soon as possible. You can now reach Warno’s early access version on Steam and purchase the game for $36,76.

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