Way of the Hunter Announced

With great production, THQ Nordic managed to attract the attention of their company once again. The company recently announced Way of the Hunter, which is still under development for next-generation consoles and PC platforms.

In this amazing game, a huge open-world map will be waiting for those who would like to hunt animals. If you are ready to have a great adventure and if you want to improve your hunting skills without harming any animals in the real world, this realistic simulation may be the right choice for you.

In the game, you are going to be an ethical hunter who is highly experienced. Your grandfather leaves his hunting cabin in the woods to you, and you will start hunting animals and selling their meat on the market. Later, you are going to invest in your equipment, upgrade or buy better gear, to hunt bigger, more difficult, and rare animals.

Nine Rocks Games is the studio behind the development of this fantastic game. We know the studio from famous games such as the Cabela’s series and DayZ. Considering the need for a successful and realistic hunting game in the genre, we believe that we may see sequels to this game in the future.

Besides realistic firearms handling and bullet physics, players will also enjoy licensed guns and scopes. In addition to this, players will hunt on two open-world maps. One of these maps will be the United States, and the other one will be Europe. Although not official, there are rumors that the combination of these maps will take 55 square miles in total.

If you want, you can enjoy a co-op hunting experience with your friends in the Way of the Hunter as well. Although it will be available on consoles, it is worth noting that Way of Hunter will not support PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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