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Wayfinder is a multiplayer action-adventure game. It features 5 different classes (characters). Here is every character in Wayfinder:

Wayfinder is an upcoming game that will be available to play for free. It’s an online action-packed MMORPG game that will initially have 5 characters with different abilities to choose from. 

The characters in Wayfinder have unique powers to defend against the enemies that are trying to destroy their world. Here are all the Wayfinder characters:


Wayfinder Characters Guide 6

Meet Wingrave, a brave warrior who fights for what he believes in and is devoted to a group known as the Architects. He wears powerful armor and is always ready to protect his crew and defeat enemies. 

Wingrave is a defender of peace and light. As he is first reborn, his echo remembers his past as an Archon Templar, defending the Empire from threats in a place called the Maze. 

As the player, you will discover his story and make choices that determine his fate. You will also reveal a darker side to the Empire and the Archons, including brutal actions like the massacre of monks at Aurelien. This allows Wingrave to be a better man than his original self and truly embody his ideals.

Wingrave is not just a fighter, but also a healer who can mend wounds and help his allies. He has special abilities, such as healing himself and his teammates when he attacks an enemy, and his signature weapon, the Bastion, can channel divine power to break enemy defenses. 

By channeling their power through faith, he can execute a devastating Power Bash – a shield bash that inflicts massive damage and can shatter enemy defenses.


Wayfinder Characters Guide 7

Silo is a skilled fighter who comes from a family of smugglers. He uses his abilities to fight against a group called the Gloom. 

His nickname in battle is “The Tactician” because he’s good at both close combat and long-range attacks. He has a lot of tricks up his sleeve, like illusions to distract enemies, oil to slow them down, and fire to cause explosions. 

Silo’s signature weapon is called the Longshot, and it was made by someone named Salan Vex. His weapon has a special ability called Dead Eye, which makes it easier to hit an enemy’s weak spots and do extra damage. 

Before the Gloomfall, Silo was part of a group called the Shrike Syndicate, which was made up of smugglers and mercenaries. Silo was expected to lead the group because of his family’s status. 

Silo is a funny guy who likes to tell jokes and talk about his past adventures. Unfortunately, he can’t remember everything that happened after the Gloomfall. He doesn’t know what happened to his parents or how he ended up where he is now. The Shrike Syndicate has become a problem in this new world, and Silo is doing his best to stop them.


Wayfinder Characters Guide 8

Niss is a skilled fighter who uses darkness to her advantage. She belongs to an ancient race called the Deep Eldren, who was once under the control of some bad guys called the Precursors. When Niss and her people rebelled against the Precursors, her entire family was killed, and she was forced to leave her homeland. Now, her main goal is to get revenge on the Precursors, and she doesn’t care much about humans.

Her fighting style is graceful and fluid as she moves around her enemies and uses shadows to protect herself. She attacks with spectral blades, and her signature weapon is Night’s Edge, a pair of ancestral blades that can only be wielded by the Duskal Eldren. These blades are imbued with spirits that will attack anyone who tries to harm their wielder. Niss can also summon magical daggers that float around her and attack her enemies.

Niss comes from a unique and ancient race that was born from war. She learned to control shadows at a young age and used them to create weapons and shields. However, her people are slowly disappearing. An ancient being called the Mother of Shadows offered to give them strength if they served her, but Niss and her clan refused. As a result, they were attacked and killed by the Precursors. Niss is now seeking revenge against them.

Niss is a quiet and serious warrior who appears out of nowhere to defeat her enemies. She doesn’t remember everything about her past, but as you progress through the game, more of her memories may be revealed.


Wayfinder Characters Guide 9

In Wayfinder, Senja belonged to the gladiator class and was once considered the greatest fighter in the Imperial Arena. However, her fate changed after being consumed by the Gloom. Originally from the faraway Dominion of the Seven Winds, she is the sole survivor of the Iron Sisters, a legendary group of warriors. Senja’s fighting style involves combining storm and steel tactics.

Senja is skilled in close combat and can harness storm energy to manipulate her enemies. She can pull them closer or send them flying with a burst of lightning.

The champion’s special weapon, Colossus, is utilized in major matches at the Imperial Arena. However, it is deemed disrespectful to use it against foes such as goblins and Shrikes.

Senja has a weapon ability called Gladiator Slice, which is a quick melee attack that boosts her next ability. If she uses it again, it becomes an Empowered Gladiator Slice that can deal extra damage up to two times.

In her backstory, Senja is a well-known personality in the Avar Imperium, and she is regarded as the best champion to have ever fought in the arena. She finds solace in battle as it helps her to forget her pain. Even though she is far from home and has lost her fellow Iron Sisters, she can still summon the power of the storm.

Although she doesn’t speak about it much, it’s evident that their downfall deeply affected her and drove her to seek solace in the arena. With the arena now engulfed in Gloom, she’s searching for a fresh battle, with the Gloom being her biggest adversary.

There are things that she cannot remember since her return from the Gloom. Although she remembers fighting with the Iron Sisters, she is unable to recollect how they fell. Although she has been in numerous arena battles, she cannot recall every opponent she faced. It is possible that she may be haunted by forgotten foes.


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Kyros is a powerful wizard hailing from a civilization that has been long forgotten. He has transformed his body into a form of pure mystical energy, and he possesses formidable arcane abilities. Despite the disappearance of his people, Kyros has taken it upon himself to safeguard the remaining world from the encroaching darkness known as the Gloom.

In combat, Kyros prefers to maintain a safe distance from his opponents. However, he possesses immense mystical abilities that support him during confrontations. He can disperse adversaries using powerful energy blasts or strike them with a forceful shockwave.

Kyros wields a signature weapon called Epitaph, crafted by the notorious Mother of Shadows. Epitaph not only inflicts physical damage but also siphons the life force of Kyros’ adversaries. Furthermore, the weapon has a tendency to urge its wielder into battle with its whispering voice.

Kyros’ weapon boasts a unique skill known as Arcane Harvest, which is a spinning slash that inflicts damage in a 360-degree arc. Additionally, it siphons Ability Power from foes and augments Kyros’ Ability Power for each enemy hit.

Kyros is portrayed as the final survivor of the Kingdom of Ashes, a once magnificent civilization. He recalls his days as a scientist, during which he discovered how to transform into pure energy. Despite possessing great power, he remains a scientist at heart, focused on comprehending the Gloom and preventing its destruction of other societies.

Although he was once a powerful warmage and skilled researcher, he has been lost in the void for centuries and has since forgotten much of his former life. He cannot recall the fate of his people, how his nation transformed into the Kingdom of Ashes, or whether he played a role in its downfall. He is eager to learn the truth and is convinced that the answers are still out there, waiting to be uncovered.


A deadly alchemist, Venomess is an upcoming character in Wayfinder. She is an expert in poisons and chemicals. The Gloom has swallowed the Maze and the Empire she worked so hard to defeat, but she is determined to survive. 

Based on her appearance in the Founder’s Pack trailer, she appears to excel at ranged combat with a nightshade sniper rifle and uses thrusters to traverse walls.

How to Unlock Characters in Wayfinder?

Players can unlock all Wayfinder characters by spending some time in the game. After these characters are unlocked, players must be created using particular crafting materials. 

In Wayfinder, you can also unlock characters through microtransactions (MTX) from the shop. The developers have clarified that there are no loot boxes to acquire new characters. The process of buying new characters is impartial and open.

Will There Be Any New Characters in Wayfinder?

The developers of Wayfinder, Airship Syndicate, have announced that new characters will be released with every season. This will be a vital aspect of Wayfinder as it will introduce fresh content, lore and characters to the game.

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