Where To Find the Anvil in Abiotic Factor?

Here's how to get the Anvil in Abiotic Factor to craft your first Repair and Salvage Station.

Once you break your first weapon in Abiotic Factor, you’ll realize something’s missing in your base setup: the Anvil. The Anvil is super important in Abiotic Factor because it allows you to craft the Repair and Salvage Station, which is essential for scrapping and repairing items.

The Anvil comes up pretty early in your blueprints, and you need it to build the Repair & Salvage Station, which totally changes the game. Using this workstation will also level up your skills—specifically your crafting skills. Let’s find out where to find the Anvil in Abiotic Factor.

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Finding the Anvil in Abiotic Factor can be challenging, considering its importance in the game and its hidden location deep into the game. To locate the Anvil, you’ll need to progress through the game and make your way to Manufacturing West.

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Where To Find the Anvil in Abiotic Factor? 3

The first two Anvils can be found in the supply room next to the Silo 3 doors, which is difficult to access. After unlocking some doors, you’ll gain access to the elevator up to Silo 3. Upon exiting the elevator, you’ll find a broken door to a control center on your right, with the map of Office Sector Level 3 just beyond it. 

By examining the map, you’ll realize you’re close to the Storage Room. Head back past the Silo 3 passage to the door marked “Storage” on the opposite side, and be prepared to face two small enemies.

Once you defeat them, you’ll find the Anvil in the Storage Room, either on a stack of metal crates or on top of a shelf. Retrieve the Anvils and return to your base to utilize them.

Where To Find the Anvil in Abiotic Factor Lawod ss
Where To Find the Anvil in Abiotic Factor? 4

Why Finding an Anvil is Important?

In Abiotic Factor, the Anvil plays a crucial role in crafting the Repair & Salvage Station. This station is essential for efficiently repairing broken tools and converting unnecessary items into valuable crafting materials such as Plastic or Metal Parts. Having an Anvil improves your ability to create durable and effective gear and tools, giving you an advantage in combat and exploration. Remember, the Anvil is not just a tool; it’s a vital investment in your survival and success within the game.

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