Why Can’t I Find Myth of Empires on Steam?

The Myth of Empires is one of the new survival games that you should play at least once in your lifetime. This fantastic game was released for the PC platform, and it only supports Windows. However, besides its amazing gameplay, Myth of Empires is on the agenda of many players since it was removed from Steam.

If you cannot access Myth of Empires on your Steam account and want to learn its reason, then this guide is for you. We have shared all the information we know so far. It seems like the game will not return to the Steam library soon either.


Why You Can’t Find Myth of Empires on Steam?

Steam decided to remove Myth of Empires from its library due to copyright infringement allegations. Although the support team contacted the developers to get more information, they were unable to get any replies. Despite a few warnings, the support team decided to remove the game from the library due to miscommunication.

Although the person or studio who made the copyright infringement allegations is unknown, it is believed that Studio Wildcard made this claim. Unfortunately, none of the players can access the game through the Steam library anymore. It also seems like we will be unable to access it for a white too.

How to Access Myth of Empires on Steam?

If you have purchased the game over Steam and cannot access the game, then the best thing you can do is contact the support team. This is a very rare situation that never happens on Steam. We believe that Steam may offer you a coupon or discount code that is equivalent to the payment you made for the game.

In addition to this, you can also contact the developers of Myth of Empires to learn alternative methods to access the game. One thing we are sure of is you will not be able to access it through the Steam library for now.

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