Why Killing Floor 2 Player Count Boosted on Steam?

The popular co-op first-person shooter, Killing Floor 2, developed by Tripwire Interactive, has recently seen a large increase in its number of players on Steam. Here is why?

Killing Floor 2, the co-op zombie shooter made by Tripwire Interactive has gained many more players recently on Steam because of the 15th anniversary of the series. Since it was released in 2016, Killing Floor 2 has regularly been updated with new content, keeping it popular with players.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the game has met the high expectations set by its older version, the original Killing Floor, known for its unique co-op gameplay. Over the years, Tripwire Interactive, with help from Saber Interactive, has kept the game interesting and fun, making sure even long-time players have new experiences in Killing Floor 2.

Why Killing Floor 2 Player Count Boosted on Steam Lawod 1
Why Killing Floor 2 Player Count Boosted on Steam? 2

Quality of Life Updates and Anniversary Celebrations

One of the primary reasons for the recent boost in player numbers is the Winter 2024 Quality of Life update. This update brought a host of improvements and bug fixes, enhancing the overall gameplay experience. Key changes included fixing issues with weapon damage displays, optimizing map performance, and addressing various glitches across different weapons and game modes​​.

Additionally, 2024 marks the 15-year anniversary of the Killing Floor franchise. To celebrate this milestone, Tripwire Interactive has launched several in-game events and special promotions, drawing both new and returning players to the game​​.

Massive Discount is the Main Reason

SteamDB data shows a substantial increase in player count for Killing Floor 2 in recent days, attributed to the ongoing 15th-anniversary celebrations of the Killing Floor series. To mark the occasion, Killing Floor 2 is currently available with a massive 95% discount, reducing the game’s price to just $1.49. The free weekend promotion ended on May 20, while the discounted price will be available until May 23 on Steam, offering an excellent opportunity for gamers to try out one of the best zombie games at minimal cost.

The timing of Killing Floor 2‘s resurgence in popularity is particularly advantageous for the series, especially with the upcoming release of Killing Floor 3, confirmed by Tripwire Interactive last year. As anticipation builds for the third installment, the increased attention on Killing Floor 2 is likely to positively impact the reception of the sequel. While a release date for Killing Floor 3 is yet to be announced, the renewed interest in the second title bodes well for the future of the franchise.

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