Wildfrost Might Be Released on October Steam Next Fest

Wildfrost, which is one of the anticipated roguelike deckbuilding games, will be released in the winter of 2022! If you want to learn the details and the exact release date, keep reading!

With its fun and cute graphics, Wildfrost managed to attract the attention of many deck builders and turn-based tacticians. The official release date of the game was previously announced as Winter 2022. A few weeks ago, the developers, Gaziter and Deadpan Games, announced the possible release date of Wildfrost.

According to this announcement, the game will be released somewhere in October. This means that Wildfrost can be released at any time! To put it more precisely, the game will be released during October’s Steam Next Fest 2022.

Wildfrost will be available in English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese (both Simplified and Traditional). The game will be supported on PC and Nintendo Switch at the initial launch. We are not sure whether it will be developed for other platforms soon.

If you would like to enjoy this game as soon as it is released, you can add it to your wishlist on Steam. Although there has been no official announcement about the pricing of Wildfrost, we believe it will be affordable.

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Wildfrost Might Be Released on October Steam Next Fest 2

Whildfrost Gameplay Features

As you play, you will unlock new cards, ways to customize them, events, and a lot more. Just like in other deckbuilding games, you will strive to build the best deck to beat your enemies. You will also recruit card companies, equip your cards with elemental items, and fight against the Wildfrost!

Moreover, players can choose between different tribes that come with randomized skills and stats. You will also build your own hub town between your fights to increase your passive income. 

Wildfrost will also have daily challenges and runs that can be played over and over again. This will give players a lot of fun for a long time.

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