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Microsoft's Xbox Live Gold program is offering two narrative titles this month, letting you decide what it means to stick to a complicated decision in Adios and experience an audio-based adventure in The Vale: Shadow of the Crown.

Xbox Live Gold is a service provided by Microsoft for Xbox players that gives free games and discounts on digital content and allows gamers to participate in multiplayer online gaming with friends.

Xbox Live Gold can bring many additional advantages, such as accessing free games through Xbox Games With Gold every month for Xbox Live Gold subscribers – providing them with some of the latest titles at no additional cost.

Xbox Live Gold August 2023 Games

Microsoft has revealed July 2023’s Xbox Games With Gold lineup. In August 2023, Xbox Live Gold subscribers can claim Blue Fire and Inertial Drift.

Blue Fire – Available August 1 to 31

Blue Fire is an intriguing 3D platforming adventure that wears its influences on its sleeve. Take on the challenge of exploring ancient temples filled with exhilarating 3D platforming obstacles, engage in thrilling battles with ferocious enemies, and embark on exciting side quests. Master the art of movement as you face increasingly tricky Void Puzzles and unravel the secrets that hold the key to saving the day.

As an enjoyable game, Blue Fire is sure to captivate players with its exhilarating wall-running and dashing mechanics, especially as the environment grows increasingly complex. However, the dated level design and unwieldy controls may detract from the overall experience. The enemies, while mostly humanoid or floating turrets offer little mechanical challenge beyond their high damage output and speed.

Despite its shortcomings, Blue Fire offers plenty of engaging features that are sure to keep players hooked. With numerous secrets and side quests to discover, the backstory and non-playable characters bring each environment to life, encouraging players to explore and uncover all that Blue Fire has to offer.

Inertial Drift – Available August 1 to August 31

If you’re looking for a fast-paced arcade racer that offers a unique and exciting experience, look no further than Inertial Drift. This game draws inspiration from classic titles like Ridge Racer Type 4, but takes drift racing to the next level with its innovative controls and roster of individual cars.

In Inertial Drift, you’ll be able to race through a retro-future world that’s straight out of the 90s. With a handling model that’s unlike anything you’ve seen before and twin-stick drift mechanics, you’ll be able to choose from 16 unique cars and race across 20 wild tracks. Whether you’re taking on the neon streets of the city or the winding mountain passes, this game will keep you on the edge of your seat.

But that’s not all – Inertial Drift also features a compelling single-player story mode that will help you hone your skills and prepare for the ultimate challenge: multiplayer. With its anime visuals and innovative control system, this game is a thrilling mashup of drift racing and action adventure. If you’re ready for a fun and rewarding racing experience, Inertial Drift is the game for you.

Xbox Live Gold July 2023 Games

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Microsoft has revealed July 2023’s Xbox Games With Gold lineup. As usual, Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will get to download two free games for a limited time. July’s games include Darkwood, available from July 1 to 31, and When the Past Was Around, which arrives on July 16. 

Darkwood – July 1 to 31

The first game offered for Xbox Live Gold members is Darkwood. It is a survival horror title with a unique top-down perspective. The developer touts zero jump scares in procedurally-generated environments and encourages players to craft weapons, prepare traps, and fortify hideouts. Players can explore the eerie forests by day and hunker down in their hideouts at night.

During the daytime, venture into the eerie and unsettling world of Darkwood to scavenge for vital weapons and materials. As you do so, your sense of apprehension will grow, as you know that the true terror of this survival horror game only emerges after dark. 

With nightfall comes a new set of challenges, as you must protect yourself from the frightening creatures that lurk in the woods. You will need to construct barriers and traps to safeguard yourself and use all your wits to evade or combat these malevolent beings. 

Surviving until the dawn will be a Herculean task, one that will test your courage and mental fortitude to the limit.

When the Past Was Around – Jul 16 to August 15

The second game is When the Past Was Around, a point-and-click adventure following Eda’s journey of love and loss. The game has received positive reviews and features beautiful hand-drawn visuals. The game will be available from July 16 to August 15.

When delving into the enchanting world of When the Past Was Around, one embarks on a breathtaking puzzle game adventure that revolves around the life of Eda, a young and ambitious woman in her early twenties, who is struggling to find her true calling. The game encompasses various themes that are universally relatable, such as love, loss, and moving on. 

Throughout her journey, Eda meets a mysterious man known as The Owl, who helps her reignite her passion and teaches her valuable lessons about relationships, including the heart-wrenching pain of heartbreak. The game is set in a surreal world that comprises disjointed rooms that represent Eda’s memories and time. 

As Eda solves intricate puzzles and gathers crucial clues, she uncovers shocking secrets about her past relationship with her lover, leading her to a path of self-discovery and growth.

When the Past Was Around is a much cozier experience. The point-and-click adventure game tells the story of Eda and Owl’s romance through stunning hand-drawn visuals and a mesmerizing soundtrack. This is a game about moving on, letting go, and the joy and pain of finding yourself.

Xbox Live Gold June 2023 Games

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Microsoft has added its Games with Gold lineup for June 2023 to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles. Subscribers will be able to claim two new games this month: the cinematic first-person adventure Adios and the unique audio-based action game The Vale: Shadow of the Crown.

Adios is available from June 1 till the end of the June, while The Vale: Shadow of the Crown will be free from June 16 until July 15.

Adios – June 1 to 30

Adios will be available from June 1 to 30 and will put you in the shoes of a pig farmer who’s finally fed up with allowing the mob to hide bodies on his land.

Everything can be altered by one decision in this game. You work as a pig farmer in Kansas and have had enough of assisting the mob in disposing of bodies on your property.

As the two of you go about your daily errands, your hitman friend tries to persuade you to change your mind. He is aware of what a refusal means.

The writing and voice acting in this game are excellent, and it is a meditative, thoughtful game that considers morality and spirituality.

The Vale: Shadow of the Crown – June 16 to July 15

A story-driven actionadventure game, The Vale: Shadow of the Crown makes use of haptic controller feedback and 3D audio to create visceral gameplay that breaks down the wall between the player and the character. The Vale, an audio-based game, aims to revitalize medieval combat and offer both sighted and visually impaired players a truly novel gaming experience.

The game tells the story of Alex, the second heir to a kingdom who is blind. Despite this, she is an expert swordswoman and capable warrior. When an invading army attacks her convoy to a rural castle, she is forced to make the journey alone, across the wilderness and hostile lands.

It is a brilliant game that is a testament to the fact that video games can transcend graphical limitations. While it still has some niggles in combat, the overall experience is an incredible immersion into a world that allows gamers with visual impairments to enjoy gaming from a different perspective fully.

Xbox Live Gold May 2023 Games

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Xbox Games with Gold typically refreshes its free games every two weeks, offering something new each time. During May, 2023, Xbox Live Gold users are offered Star Wars Episode 1: Racer and Hoa.

This month’s offerings also share certain traits, such as free availability to Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. That makes these offerings especially valuable; those interested should make sure they redeem them before their expiration dates come up!

Star Wars Episode I: Racer – Available May 1 to 31

Star Wars Episode I Racer was one of the first Star Wars games released for Nintendo 64 systems back in 1999 and became a timeless classic among those who grew up with it. Utilizing its “expansion pak,” additional textures and performance enhancement were included as part of the experience.

For those unfamiliar with the game, its focus lies within The Phantom Menace‘s podracing sequence, where Anakin Skywalker and Teemto race against each other across various racing circuits on various planets. Many characters from The Phantom Menace make appearances during these races, such as Sebulba, Dengar, and Jar Jar.

With a superb combination of reflexes and progression, this game offers an extensive variety of tracks designed to test your skills like never before on consoles. Races may see you driving up to 600-mph speeds on narrow tracks while maneuvering tight corners and taking on challenging challenges along the way.

Hoa – Available May 16 to June 15

Hoa is an intriguing puzzle platformer that has received mixed reviews since its release. The game offers a relaxing puzzle platformer experience with beautiful hand-painted art and soothing music that will please gamers of all ages. Additionally, this title boasts an intriguing story with some intriguing twists that keep players returning for more.

Hoa‘s gameplay is deceptively straightforward: all it requires to explore this captivating world is jumping around and exploring! Along your journey, you will meet various insects and creatures offering helpful hints, making Hoa an enjoyable journey that leads you higher and higher into its beauty.

Moving rocks will allow you to reach higher areas, and collecting seals will allow you to awaken a “guardian” of an area who will grant you new abilities that make progressing through the game easier and enjoyable to learn about.

Xbox Live Gold
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What is Xbox Games With Gold or Xbox Live Gold?

Xbox Live Gold is a monthly subscription service that allows Xbox One and Xbox Series S and X owners to play hundreds of high-quality games for a flat fee, billed monthly, quarterly, or annually, or included with some hardware purchases. Subscribers also get access to exclusive game discounts, free games through the Games with Gold program, and more.

Microsoft’s Games with Gold program gives Xbox Live Gold subscribers two new free Xbox One and backwards-compatible Xbox 360 games each month. Once redeemed, these games become yours to keep forever, even after your Xbox Live Gold membership expires.

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