Xbox Live Gold Games for May 22

It is May, which means that Xbox Live Gold members can enjoy four new and completely free games! We have covered all the available games and their short reviews for Xbox Live Gold members. In this way, you can easily decide which one to download and enjoy. Please note that you can download all of these games for free without any limitations.

So let’s take a look at the Xbox Live Gold Games for May 22 one by one.

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Xbox Live Gold Games for May 22 4

Yoku’s Island Express

Yoku’s Island Express will be available for free during the entire month, and it originally cost $19.99. This Metroidvania game is one of the amazing platformers you can enjoy on your Xbox. It will take you on a unique adventure on a tropical island.

Besides your primary goal, which is to try to awaken an ancient deity, you will also help the locals you are going to meet during your adventure. If you love playing pinball, Yoku’s Island Express may be a great option for you since you will have to play plenty of mini games.

The Inner World: The Last Wind Monk

You can download The Inner World: The Last Wind Monk for free between May 16 and June 15. It is a fun point-and-click game where you will fight to beat the dark forces. As you might guess, it is also a puzzle game with plenty of humor elements.

This is why we believe that you are going to enjoy your time a lot in The Inner World – The Last Wind Monk. It is worth noting that the game offers hand-drawn graphics. The best part of the game is that your main characters have no idea of what they are doing, and you need to help them survive no matter what.

Hydro Thunder Hurricane

Players can download Hydro Thunder Hurricane for free between May 1 and May 15. This great game is published by Xbox Games, and it is a special game for Xbox consoles. You are going to enjoy high-powered speedboats in this fantastic arcade racing game.

The game offers eleven unique racing tracks for players to explore. In addition to this, you can unlock 20 new transforming speedboats, which allow you to fly in the skies too! If you are looking for a fast-paced racing game, Hydro Thunder Hurricane could be a great choice.

Viva Pinata Party Animals

Viva Pinata Party Animals is available for free download between May 16 and May 31. This is another amazing game that is available on Xbox. The game was published by Microsoft, and it is based on the famous television series Viva Pinata.

It supports Norwegian, Portuguese, Japanese, German, Italian, French, and English. If you have been looking for a fun game for your children, we recommend you check out Viva Pinata Party Animals. The game is also based on the original story and concept of the series, so your children may not have any challenges to get used to the game.

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