Zelda-Like Game: XEL

Are you ready for an amazing 3D science fiction adventure game? XEL is a recently released role-playing game that will bring back some good memories you had with Zelda. However, this one takes place in a utopic land with plenty of science fiction elements.

Therefore, we believe players will enjoy their time while they are roaming dungeons and trying to solve some pretty challenging puzzles. The game also has a female protagonist, and you will be helping her in your adventure to uncover her mysterious past.

What is XEL?

Besides giving a name to the game, XEL is also the name of the universe in which you are going to embark on an adventure. It is a game where you will make new friends, find new equipment, armor, or items to empower your character, and engage in a lot of other fun content. The game was developed by Tiny Roar and published by Assemble Entertainment on July 12, 2022. 

So far, the positive feedback on the game has a fifty-fifty ratio. In other words, players either love or hate the game. However, we are pretty sure that players who liked Zelda will like playing XEL too. 

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XEL Story

In XEL, you are going to control Reid, who is a female protagonist trying to find her way in a world called XEL. It is a strange world for her, and she is trying to figure out her connection with this mysterious world. Unfortunately, she does not remember anything about her past. The only way to remember anything is by exploring this strange world.

Thus, she will have to dive into dungeons, solve challenging puzzles, and keep going no matter what. Although we are going to cover some of the important reasons and features why you need to pay for this fantastic sci-fi fantasy game, we would like to note that you can jump in time and space! This can significantly affect your overall gameplay.

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XEL Key Features

First of all, XEL is quite attractive with its mysterious world and reveals the dark past of the main character. For these purposes, the game offers plenty of challenging dungeons to players. You need to explore and master each of them for unique items and gadgets.

Players will help the main character to find her purpose and uncover her past. Thus, you will be hacking and slashing your way against the wildlife of the world and plenty of robot minions. Additionally, you will solve puzzles to bend time and space.

We believe this classic top-down adventure game will offer you an amazing gaming experience. One of the most powerful aspects of the game is its well-crafted combat system. Players can parry, dodge, and use various gadgets in their combat.

Moreover, you can also upgrade your equipment, such as gadgets, shields, and weapons. This will let you progress faster and challenge bigger and more powerful enemies. Needless to say, the ability to bend time and space will allow you to redefine the rules. In our opinion, XEL is one of the greatest launches of the year, and it should be in your game library.

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