10 Best World Land Trust Bundle Games

World Land Trust Bundle is one of the meaningful organizations that focus on preserving the wildlife and habitats around the world. This organization includes 55 creators who develop indie games. If you would like to contribute to this movement, then here are the best 10 World Land Trust Bundle games we have picked for you!

Coffee Talk

If you are looking for a relaxing game, we can recommend Coffee Talk. You are going to brew your coffee and meet with strangers. Each of them has a unique and fantastic story and tries to cope with their problems.

You will help these people to solve their problems and feel happy again. Needless to say, you will be running a small coffee shop, and those people are your customers.


You are going to dive into a mystery in Hacknet. One day, while you are working on your computer, you receive a message from a deceased hacker. It seems like he was the victim of a murder, and you need to do your best to solve this mystery.

If you enjoy hacking games, you are going to like this one too! Players have to follow the instructions and learn more about real hacking in this great game.

Best World Land Trust Bundle hacknet-ss

Hidden Folks

Hidden Folks is one of the fun games that have quite a lot of labor behind its development. You need to find the hidden people on 32 hand-drawn maps. It is worth noting that the maps are interactive, and you have more than three hundred people to find.

This game may be an ideal choice for those who are looking for a relaxing game they can play in their free time.


In Mutazione, you are going to play in a mutated town and explore the area as a 15-year-old kid. A meteor called Moon Dragon hit the town about a century ago. Although many people survived, the remaining ones started to live isolated lives.

The character you are going to control is looking for a cure for her dying grandfather. Thus, she needs to explore the area, make new friends, take boat trips, and try to save her grandpa.


No Longer Home

No Longer Home has an upsetting story behind its development. The developer tried to reflect on what he experienced after graduating from the university and had to separate from his friends. Without a doubt, it will touch your soul.

You are going to remember your old but good days. If you like to play emotional games, we can recommend No Longer Home. You need to put yourself together and progress no matter what.

The Hex

In The Hex game, there are rumors about a mysterious murder in the town. You learn this in one of the old taverns, and all the suspects are video game protagonists. You have to enter the minds of these suspects and solve the mystery.

We believe you are going to love its amazing graphics and interesting storyline. You will explore clues in the memories of the suspects and try to solve the mystery.


The Stillness of the Wind

The Stillness of the Wind offers the perfect balance of life and loss to its players. It takes place in a small village, where everyone is left to move to cities. There is only one left behind, an elderly person. You are going to control this character and enjoy a great life in the village.

This fun game has a quite interesting story and offers a great atmospheric adventure. Thus, you may not want to miss your chance to enjoy it.

Signs of the Sojourner

Did you get rid of battling against demons and monsters in deck-building games? If so, Signs of the Sojourner may be a great game that you can try. In fact, we highly recommend it due to its interesting concept. Instead of trying to eliminate your opponents, you will try to build a relationship with them.

Your cards have abilities such as tools of negotiation and conversation starters. You are going to make serious decisions for the good of the community in this fun game.

sings of the sojourner

A Normal Lost Phone

In A Normal Lost Phone, you find a phone on the street and take it. You cannot resist your curiosity and check the phone. The game offers an amazing exploration adventure where you are going to surf the photos, videos, messages, and applications available on the phone.

It is worth noting that it includes LGBTQ+ content as well. We recommend checking out this great game as well.

Beasts of Maravilla Island

Are you ready to be a wildlife photographer and take a great adventure? If so, Beasts of Maravilla Island is for you. This 3D exploration game offers a fantastic atmosphere to players, which is full of puzzles.

You are going to learn more about the habitat, time your photos perfectly, and discover new and mighty species, which look highly amazing!

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