12 Best Kerbal Space Program Mods

There are many mods that can help you improve your experience and make it more fun while playing Kerbal Space Program, KSP for short.

KSP is one of the most popular space simulation games out there, and it features a range of interesting mechanics. You can assemble a variety of different spacecraft from an array of parts and then launch them into orbit and beyond to explore moons and planets in the Kerbol solar system. You can also construct bases and space stations to expand your expedition. While the game is great in its own right, it doesn’t always look as good as other titles. 

The best mods for Kerbal Space Program are the ones that make the game more interesting and challenging while also improving quality of life. These mods can help you with everything from the game’s physics to the graphics quality. Some mods are designed to improve the visuals of KSP, while others are designed to add a new aspect to it. We’ve compiled some of the best KSP mods below.

Best Kerbal Space Program Mods

Whether you’re new to space simulation games or have been playing for years, you’ll find some great mods that can improve your experience. These can include everything from new content and gameplay modes to the game’s physics improvements.

Some of these mods can be found in the game, but others can be downloaded as a standalone. This way, you can try them out and decide which ones are best for you.

The biggest advantage of these mods is that they can help you get the most out of your experience in Kerbal Space Program. They can make the game more fun, realistic, or both.

1. Scatterer

For example, Scatterer is one of the most popular graphical enhancements for KSP, adding multiple visual improvements that improve the lighting effects seen in space and water. This makes the game more visually appealing and immersive and helps gamers feel like they’re in outer space!

2. Texture Replacer

Another is a texture replacer, which can make the game look more realistic. It will replace the game’s texture graphics with better ones that are closer to the real thing and add some reflections for certain objects.

3. Toolbar

Another mod is a toolbar, which will allow you to see all the buttons and controls in one place. You can drag and resize the toolbar to suit your needs, and it will automatically clamp to the screen so that it cannot be pulled off.

4. Flight Control Mod

A Flight control mod is another option to let you use the mouse to navigate your ship. This will make things a lot easier when you’re trying to control your spacecraft and save you a lot of time in the long run.

5. PlanetShine

Another great graphical mod is PlanetShine, which makes planets appear more realistic by enhancing their lighting effects. This can help you see when your ship approaches the planet’s surface or comes into contact with the atmosphere.

This mod also allows you to see the entire layout of your ship when you’re building it, making it easier for you to figure out what parts need to be added to make your rocket a success. It even has a dissection mode that allows you to break down your vessel into different parts so that you can see how it functions and what needs to be done to fix it.

If you love building things in Kerbal Space Program, this mod is for you. It brings in a huge variety of parts for spacecraft and rover models, along with some very exciting new technologies that you can use to enhance the capabilities of your vessels.

This mod also adds a new career mode where you can oversee all the operations of your space program. This includes building ships, researching new technologies, acquiring funding, and more. It’s a fun addition that will keep you occupied for hours on end!

6. Free IVA

If you’re looking for a more immersive experience, Free IVA is a great mod that adds a first-person perspective to the gameplay. It allows you to fly your ship in this perspective and even explore its interior in real-time.

7. MechJeb

MechJeb is another fantastic mod that makes piloting a spacecraft much easier than it would be otherwise. This incredibly versatile mod is capable of performing everything from extra-planetary insertion burns to docking maneuvers and more.

It’s also very easy to use, thanks to its automatic piloting system and intuitive controls. It even allows you to send a computer autopilot into the cockpit to take care of flight control tasks!

8. The SCANsat Satellite

A lot of people enjoy exploring new worlds in Kerbal Space Program, but the challenge can be daunting. The SCANsat satellite mod lets you scan and locate resources on new worlds, which can be a huge help when trying to find the best places for a safe landing.

9. The Planetary Base Systems Parts Pack

The planetary base systems parts pack is another excellent mod that adds tons of different items to build habitats, greenhouses, and laboratories on various planets. It’s a great way to expand your space station and research facilities without having to spend a lot of money.

In addition to enhancing your realism, this mod improves the atmosphere and graphics of the game. It also adds reflections to various objects, including helmet visors, to ensure that your Kerbal looks as realistic as possible.

10. Airplane Plus

If you are a fan of building airplanes or spacecraft, Airplane Plus is a great mod to download. This mod will add new parts to your build inventory, allowing you to customize your aircraft or spacecraft with different parts. This mod will also improve your aircraft’s and spacecraft’s quality by adding better textures and graphics. You can even change the colors and design of your ship to give it a more realistic feel!

11. Realism Overhaul

Another great mod to install is the Realism Overhaul, which makes the game more like real life by introducing new kinds of objects. These objects can be scanned and produced to earn science and research.

For players who want to create a more advanced type of civilization, this is one of the best Kerbal Space Program mods to download. It will help you build Netherdyne reactors, construct a Netherdyne university, and build houses and farms for your Kerbal people!

12. MechJeb 2

MechJeb 2 is a fantastic Kerbal Space Program mod that helps you automate a lot of the processes involved in getting from Kerbin to space. It has an autopilot, cruise control, and space calculator for you to use on your ships.

It also offers a variety of read-outs and a lot more, though you need to have some KSP knowledge to get the most out of this mod. If you are a newcomer to Kerbal Space Program and want to learn how to dock two spacecraft together, this mod will help you. It will automatically adjust the trajectories of your spacecraft for any atmospheric disturbances and will provide forecasts of where your ship will land when it is docked.

It is a very useful Kerbal Space Program mod for beginners, as it will make the process much easier.

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